Featured Dedicated Driver

Robert Faircloth

Robert Faircloth

Type of driver Dedicated Driver
With Schneider 15 years
Hometown Berlin, PA
Miles on the road 1,541,470
Can't live without Radio

From dump trucks to semis, Schneider Dedicated driver Robert has been driving some truck or another since he was 17 years old. Around the time Robert started driving trucks, he got married and began to build his family. Now 37 years later, he’s found that family and truck driving still go hand-in-hand.

A Family Man, Through and Through

Before turning to trucking professionally, Robert was self-employed, selling and distributing pianos for about 20 years. Eventually, Robert grew tired of the headaches of self-employment, but he didn’t want to give up all the traveling and meeting new people that he got to do. So he looked at his long-time penchant for driving with a new perspective: as a career path.

Despite Robert’s wanderlust, his constant desire to return home to his family is his most defining characteristic, which is why he joined a Schneider Dedicated account and never looked back. Dedicated drivers work with one primary customer, enjoying predictable freight, familiar lanes and lots of time home.

"As a Schneider Dedicated driver, I also get to be a dedicated family man," Robert said. "It’s the best of both worlds."

Forging Friendships

With the importance he places on family, it comes as no surprise that Robert considers himself a people person. In fact, Robert’s favorite part of being a driver is all the people and clientele he interacts with. Since Robert works with just one customer, he’s had the chance to forge many solid and lasting relationships.

"I’ve also met countless people out on the road over the years," Robert said. "They all have their own story to tell and I’ve loved hearing every single one of them."

Tough Times Never Last

Robert regards flexibility as one of the best benefits the Big Orange has to offer.

"With a wife and two kids, you’re bound to encounter an unexpected sickness here or there," Robert said. "My driver business leader has always understood when I’ve needed some time to take care of problems at home."

The support and accommodation Robert has received from Schneider has allowed him to remain committed to his priorities as a husband and father.

“I put my family above everything else," Robert continued. "It’s such a relief to know Schneider is there for me and my family through good times and bad."

The Simple Things in Life

Above all, Robert appreciates the little things. His favorite deliveries are the ones just outside large cities, where he can take in a scenic country view. He loves driving through Canada and witnessing the elks eating right on the side of the road.

With work-life balance in his corner, Robert continues to enjoy walking the dog with his wife of 37 years, hunting with his son and daughter and grabbing breakfast with his buddies.

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