Featured Team Van Drivers

Bob & Susan Tyler

Bob & Susan Tyler

Type of driver Team Van Drivers
With Schneider 12 months
Hometown Williamsport, PA
Can't live without each other

Team - It's where the money is

Bob and Susan Tyler are not only a team at home, but they are also a team on the road. Following several years of driving solo at other companies, this husband and wife pair joined Schneider in 2012. The Tylers explained, “We both love driving and were together most of the time anyway so we thought we would give team driving a shot.”

Prior to joining Schneider, Bob and Susan struggled to make ends meet. They experienced little room for advancement while competing with drivers for limited mileage. “We had heard great things about Schneider, but we were a little nervous to make the leap due to our job security. What we can say is the grass really is greener for us at Schneider. We have a great benefits package, which included a team sign-on bonus, newest equipment and phenomenal facilities and pay. We are even ahead of our mortgage payments now!”

During a typical week the Tylers average between 5,500 and 6,000 miles.

“We know what to expect from each other 100 percent. We don’t even need to talk while we are doing pre-trip preparations as we have our routine down and can rely on each other.”

The Tylers compliment each other’s strengths and switch up their routine based on how they are feeling before they set out – sometimes one person prefers more daylight driving.

Team driving is like a constant trip with your best friend

Bob and Susan’s take on what makes them a great team: “You have to be friends before you are husband or wife, but you have to best friends to be team drivers.”

What inspires the Tylers about driving…the places they go. “We love being able to cover the whole country.” Bob had never seen California before they started driving and loves Texas while Susan really enjoys the scenery out west.

Although they love being on the road, home is still where the heart is. “Schneider gives us great opportunities and the miles we need but also provides home time. We have kids and Schneider always gets us home when we need to be.”

Why a team driver at Schneider? “If you are already a driver, Schneider is the best place to be and is truly is the most driver-friendly company. Team driving is like being on a trip with your best friend.”

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