Featured Intermodal Driver

Walter Thomas

Walter Thomas

Type of driver Intermodal Driver
With Schneider 6 years
Hometown Hagerstown, MD
Miles on the road 500,000
Can't live without XM Radio

Intermodal — Daily or weekly home time

Schneider Regional Intermodal driver Walter Thomas has already been down quite a few roads over his career, but no matter where he has turned, he has always come back to trucking. Walter knew from a young age he was interested in driving truck. His friends had dads who drove truck, and Walter recalls, “They were pretty cool guys and made good money.”

Getting Out of the Business

Walter started pursuing a college business degree, but soon realized that path wasn’t his ultimate calling. While looking for a new road, he took a temp job working on a Schneider-operated dock, loading and unloading freight. During his time as a temp worker, he spoke with many of the Schneider drivers, who had great things to say about the company. The dock management team also made him feel welcome.

“I felt respected and was treated like part of their family.”

After eight months on the docks, he hopped behind the wheel of a Schneider cab and began driving Over-the-Road for the company.

Three years later, Walter received an opportunity to work for his father’s construction company in Mississippi, so he went south to learn the ropes in hopes that he would someday take over the business. He learned a lot—including the fact that the construction industry wasn’t really for him.

Back Behind the Wheel

Walter traveled back north and began working for a soda company. With small children at home and a desire to be near his family, it was one of the only open jobs that would get him behind the wheel again. However, five years of running shipments and unloading took its toll on Walter’s body. He knew if he wanted to retire in trucking he would need to move into a position that would allow him to do less loading and unloading.

Walter made his way back to the Big Orange and became a Regional Intermodal driver.

“I love the regularity of knowing where I am going all the time,” said Walter. “And I’m never too far from home.”

Genuine Respect

The same treatment Walter received when he worked on the docks for Schneider is the same treatment he receives today. “My fleet managers respect me, as do their managers. Plain and simple, everyone I talk to is respectful,” he said. “The thing is, most people don’t leave a job because the work stinks – they leave because they don’t like their manager. I don’t have that problem at Schneider.”

Walter loves that he’s making great money, but he also appreciates the flexibility when it comes to time off. He also appreciates that it’s never an issue when he needs time away. “I don’t have to do it often, but it’s nice to know I won’t be given a hard time.”

“I don’t bad-mouth other companies, but if you want respect and to be treated right and make money, you have to come to Schneider,” he claimed. “I speak very highly of Schneider and have had many people change companies after I tell them about my great experience as part of this family.”

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