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A large group of Schneider office associates that are veterans stand in front of two military wrapped Ride of Pride trucks outside the Schneider corporate office

Schneider's military benefits program

We want you within our ranks

Schneider is proud to be one of the nation's largest and most decorated employers of current and former military personnel. Our military benefits program offers a supportive and flexible work environment for veterans, U.S. National Guardsmen and Reserve members.

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Benefits for military personnel

Military leave

At Schneider, we are committed to working with our military associates when they need to report for weekend drill or annual training. You’ll have guaranteed time off for military training and service without having to use vacation time. If deployed, you will have a place with us when you return.

Extended benefits

Our associates enjoy a competitive benefits package that includes dental and vision insurance, a competitive personal time off package and a 401(k) with company match. If deployed, Schneider will continue your pay (minus any military pay) and provide many of our benefits for up to 18 months.

Variety of work schedules

Looking for an office job that aligns with your military commitments? Schneider offices offer a wide variety of work schedules that allow you to choose from first-, second-, third-shift opportunities in addition to full- and part-time options.

Opportunities available across the U.S.

Schneider has job openings at our office locations in every region of the U.S. and at many of our customer locations throughout North America. With remote work available for select positions, Schneider offers opportunities that go wherever your military career takes you.

Advancement opportunities

When you work for an established company like Schneider, there are no limits to your career path. You will have opportunities to advance in your field or explore different roles within the organization.

The experiences you’ve had in the military are particularly valuable at Schneider. As a result, (military professionals) have been very promotable individuals within Schneider.

Don Schneider
Donformer CEO and Chairman of the Board

Decorated company

Schneider is one of the nation’s largest, most-recognized business partners of military personnel. We are proud to let our record speak for itself:

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