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Operations Research Engineer II

Green Bay, WI
First shift
Work Model:
Full time; Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Job Description

Schneider Enterprise Resources, LLC has an opening for an Operations Research Engineer II in Green Bay, WI.

Use Operations Research and data science and machine learning tools and techniques to analyze internal client operations and develop practical recommendations to solve business problems. Develop a sufficient understanding of business operations and practices in order to apply the appropriate methods, models, and analysis for internal clients, including various departments and lines of business. Create optimization models and technical approaches for business issues. Develop relationships with internal clients in order to understand their business so that recommendations are able to meet their business needs and are perceived as credible. Gather and integrate business information and data into appropriate models and tools to support the development of solutions. Prepare written, non-technical reports and give presentations to managers and key decision makers, indicating solutions or a range of possible alternatives, including pros and cons and technical recommendations. Communicate technical engineering solutions and results in appropriate business language for clear client understanding. Prepare statements-of-work, project logs and updates, and presentations in a clear and concise manner. Document project assumptions, approaches, and results including net savings or profit. Scope out projects and work assignments and make realistic work completion estimates. Develop appropriate work communication and contingency plans, and work both independently and as part of a team on single or multiple projects to achieve stated objectives. Participate in knowledge-sharing within the department and collaborate with other teams to help support the success of projects and the continued development of other associates.

Job Requirements 

PhD degree in Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field. In the alternative, will accept a  Master’s degree in Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field, and one year of relevant experience.

Must have academic or work experience with:

  • Transportation and logistics, data analysis, and warehousing problems and applications;

  • Mathematical optimization modeling, linear programming solution techniques, and linear programming and integer programming modeling methodologies including branch & bound, interior point, and constraint programming;

  • Java or Python;

  • Using modeling interfaces such as ILOG Concert, DoCPLEX or Gurobipy; and

  • Using mathematical level modeling languages including AMPL, GAMS, and MOSEL.

  • Please submit resume online through this site.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion 

Our history has taught us that treating everyone with dignity and respect is vital to our ongoing success. We embrace and seek out diversity that is inclusive of thought, race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender expression, age, religion, sexual orientation, ability, medical condition, veteran or military status, experience and background. We find that this diversity and openness ensures that all our associates have equal access to opportunities and resources to contribute fully to the organization’s success, and it fuels innovation, improves strategic thinking and cultivates leadership. 

Job ID: 230799

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