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Schneider Experienced Truck Driver Jobs

Experienced truck driving jobs

Why experienced drivers choose Schneider

Schneider has had 6,229 drivers who’ve driven over 1 million consecutive miles safely in company history, with 1,042 currently in the fleet. The fact is, you don’t grow like we have without being a great home for experienced drivers. And we are. More than ever, thanks to recent upgrades to our experienced truck driving jobs based on experienced driver feedback.

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  • Upgraded driver pay

    Of course you’ll start with higher pay due to the experience you’ve gained. Schneider continually reevaluates driver pay, and we’ve recently added several ways to increase your earning potential.

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  • Comprehensive benefits package

    Of course you’ll start with higher pay due to the experience you’ve gained. Schneider continuously reevaluates driver pay, and we recently announced automatic annual pay increases and increased earning potential.

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  • Experienced driver orientation

    You’re already a great driver, but we’ll help you become the best with top-notch in-person or remote training specifically designed for experienced drivers. We’ll get you earning quickly while providing additional coaching.

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  • More experienced truck driving jobs

    For experienced truck drivers looking for jobs, you can’t beat Schneider’s huge variety of positions. Your experience gives you more places you can start, and quicker opportunities for advancement.

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