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A wall display at a Schneider facility displaying the phrase "Our veterans accepted the responsibility to defend America" with a photo of a soldiers back in the distance

Schneider's military benefits program

Proud to hire those who serve

Schneider values military personnel and appreciates their commitment to our country. As a top military-friendly employer in the United States, we offer a wide variety of benefits to our veteran associates – who make up 15% of the Schneider team.

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Military program highlights

Home time for active service members

We offer guaranteed home time for weekend drill and annual training for Guard and Reserve members — without needing to use paid time off.

Benefits when you need them most

Get extended benefits and differential pay if deployed for up to 18 months.

Military career path

Schneider’s core values align with those of the military, making it a great home for veterans. Our advancement opportunities allow for professional growth, meaning you will have opportunities to try different roles and see what you excel at.

Career growth opportunities

Schneider has a variety of warehouse roles available, including leadership roles. You can grow your warehouse experience and career by starting in an entry-level role and working your way up to a leadership position.

Various schedule options

Schneider understands everyone’s scheduling needs are a little different. That’s why we offer first, second and third shift configurations, as well as weekend schedules, to our warehouse associates.

The experiences you’ve had in the military are particularly valuable at Schneider. As a result, (military professionals) have been very promotable individuals within Schneider.

Don Schneider
Donformer CEO and Chairman of the Board

Decorated company

Schneider is one of the nation’s largest, most-recognized business partners of military personnel. We are proud to let our record speak for itself:

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