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Best trucking podcasts: Recommendations from real drivers

A truck driver's phone, showing the popular podcasts; "TalkCDL Trucking Podcast," "Red Eye Radio," "What the Truck?!?" and "The Lead Pedal Podcast."

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Wondering what to listen to while out on the road? We asked some Schneider company drivers what their favorite podcasts to listen to are 

Keep reading to see a list of the 14 best trucker podcasts, based on what they told us. 

5 best trucking podcasts 

1. Talk CDL Trucking Podcast

You’ll need to determine for yourself if they earn their self-professed title as the “Number one trucking podcast on planet Earth.They’ve certainly carved out their place as a go-to podcast for truckers, with new episodes covering the transportation industry released every week.

For almost 50 years, truckers have tuned into Red Eye Radio during overnight hours. Now available as a podcast as well, truckers can catch this trucking news, information and entertainment at any hour.

This podcast, produced by FreightWaves, offers a mix of news, interviews and discussions about trending topics in transportation and logistics. Known for its light-hearted yet informative approach, the show sparks conversations about industry topics like supply chain disruptions and emerging technologies. 

Focused on guiding listeners to a more successful trucking career, this podcast covers all things transportation related. Expect to hear interviews, trucking news and other insights into the industry. New episodes are released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  

This podcast tells the real-life stories of pioneers in the Australian trucking industry. Hosted by Bruce Gunter and Brendon Ryan, the podcast features interviews with guests from all areas of the industry. He also provides a unique insight into their experiences and perspectives.

9 other podcast recommendations for truck drivers 

One of the top podcasts in the world, it’s a favorite of many truckers as well. Hosted by comedian, actor and sports commentator Joe Rogan, this podcast offers over 2,000 episodes, and can only be found on Spotify. 

Hosts Dax Shepard and Monica Padman interview people about the messiness of being human, digging deep into their stories to celebrate the growth and betterment that come from challenges and setbacks. New episodes are released every Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Love true crime stories? You’ll enjoy this show. Straightforward, yet suspenseful, storytelling has vaulted this podcast to the top of the Spotify and Apple Podcasts charts. 

Another option for lovers of true crime, host Kent Chungus dives into gripping and often chilling stories. He explores everything from unsolved mysteries to infamous criminals.

Recommended by many of our drivers, this podcast delves into the experiences of retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink. He provides insight into discipline and leadership in business, war, relationships and everyday life.

Barstool Sports’ loud and entertaining take on sports talk shows has become a favorite of many truck drivers. This podcast features episodes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Though not specific to trucking, it’s a staple among truckers with its entertaining, journalistic non-fiction. Hosted by Ira Glass, the weekly show is also a public radio program with a Pulitzer Prize to its name.

Well-told stories make this podcast an award-winner and a trucker favorite. Created by the producers of “This American Life, the show focuses on one story per season, making for a unique and captivating format.

This ESPN-produced podcast features Stephen A. Smith and a rotating panel of guests who cover the top sports stories of the day. If you're a fan of any sport, First Take will keep you entertained with heated debates and fresh insights. 

All listed podcasts are produced by third parties. Schneider has no affiliation with the producers of the podcasts, and the inclusion of such podcasts in this list does not mean that Schneider endorses or agrees with the views of the podcast producers. The views expressed therein are the producer’s only.

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