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Dennis Yutuc: Bringing a taste of the Islands to Schneider

Dennis Yutuc wearing his yellow safety vest covered in palm trees and flowers.

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Dennis Yutuc is a people person. Personal interactions are his favorite part of working as a Schneider driver team leader, and those who meet Dennis find him warm and engaging.  

That goes double if you happen to speak his native language. 

“It’s funny because when I meet other Polynesian people from Hawaii, my wife and kids say I just change entirely,” Dennis said. “When I talk Filipino, there’s an accent and energy that just naturally come out.”  

Celebrating his Filipino heritage 

Dennis was born in the Philippines before moving to Hawaii at a young age, spending time in both Oahu, where his grandmother lived, and California, where his mother lived. 

He later learned he was also of Samoan descent, but his adoptive family was Filipino, and he still has adoptive relatives in the Philippines.  

“That was the culture I grew up with,” Dennis said. “The food, the life – I was born and bred Filipino. It’s a fun, colorful and delicious culture, and I was proud to be a Filipino kid.” 

Serving in the military 

Dennis served as a U.S. Navy corpsman from 2000 to 2009. He was a so-called “Devil Doc” providing medical support to the U.S. Marine Corps. That’s how he met his wife, Jennifer, who still serves as a Navy hospital corpsman. 

Hoping his military career would last for decades, Dennis served tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. But after a standard post-deployment screening with a psychologist, it became clear transitioning to civilian life would be a better move for Dennis.  

Becoming a Schneider driver

With Jennifer still on active duty, they moved around the country several times in the ensuing years. Dennis worked briefly as a retail electronics manager before going to school for his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). 

Dennis ended up at Schneider in 2015, where he’s worked in many intermodal roles, including:

  • A driver. 
  • A support planner in Pennsylvania.
  • A driver team leader in Baltimore (his current position).

Fostering inclusivity at Schneider

Over his years at Schneider, Dennis has met more people than he expected with the same cultural background. Celebrating diversity is something Dennis picked up in the military and continues to do today.

“It surprised me a bit to see the many cultures within this company and even see others from the islands – especially this far from the west coast,” Dennis said. “It made me appreciate the fact that Schneider lives up to its goal of being open to everybody.”

Bringing a piece of his culture to work

When closing a Schneider email, Dennis always includes “Mahalo nui loa ia ‘oe,” a Hawaiian phrase meaning “Thank you very much.” It’s often shortened to, “Mahalo.” 

He also went online and found a yellow safety vest with some palm trees and orchids for a little extra flare. 

Yet getting the true Filipino flavor starts with one thing, according to Dennis.

“The biggest thing I’d say is to respect everyone and get to know people,” Dennis said. “You never know where they’re coming from or what they’re going through. A smile from you could be just what they need.”

Explore how Schneider embraces diversity.

Schneider strives to create an inclusive workplace culture that supports the needs of all our associates. See how we honor our commitment to diversity: 
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