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7 diesel technician interview tips to get the job

A diesel technician wearing a clean flannel shirt shakes hands with his interviewer.

Whether you just applied for your first-ever diesel technician job or are making the move to a different company, job interviews are intimidating. You may not know what to wear, what types of questions will be asked or how to tell your story.

As a trucking company that employs hundreds of highly-skilled diesel technicians, we have the answers.

Follow these seven diesel technician interview tips to set yourself up for success and have the greatest chance of getting the job.

How to prepare for a diesel technician interview

1. Learn about the company you applied to.

Recruiters often interview many candidates for a role they are hiring for, and it is frustrating for them when job seekers make it obvious they did not do research about the company. At the very least, we suggest knowing two things: Who is the company you applied to and what do they do?

The easiest way to get to know a company is to check out their website and social media platforms like Facebook.

2. Freshen up your resume.

If you do not have a resume already or have not updated it in years, make sure you do so before the interview. You will want to give the recruiter a copy of your resume during the interview, and it is also a great tool for you to reference when answering questions.

If you are not sure where to start when updating your resume, think about your education, skills, qualifications and experiences.

3. Prepare questions to ask in the interview.

Once you have researched the company you applied to, it is important to come up with questions to ask the team that interviews you. Formulate your questions around further information you want to know about the company or about the role you would be in.

How to succeed during a diesel technician interview:

4. Sell yourself.

The interviewers want to know more about you and what your successes are. Use that resume you recently updated and show the company why you are the best fit for the position.

5. Wear professional attire.

Knowing what to wear for a diesel technician interview can be tricky. Although you probably will not be wearing dress clothes when you are working in the shop, it is important to look your best for the interview.

We suggest dress pants and a button-up shirt for men. Women can dress the same or choose from an appropriate dress or skirt.

6. Answer behavioral-based interview questions with real-life examples.

Most companies are using behavioral-based interview questions in order to get a better idea of your skills and previous experiences. Some examples of diesel technician interview questions could include:

  • Present examples of technical work you have completed, including diagnostics and repairs.
  • Tell me about a time you had to persuade another person to make a decision. How did you go about persuading that individual?
  • Tell me about a time that you had to work on a technical project, and it was a success. What steps did you take to make it a success?

Reference your resume to answer these sorts of questions that are asked in your interview.

What to do after a diesel technician interview:

7. Follow-up.

If possible, we encourage you to follow-up with the recruiter who interviewed you to say thank you for the opportunity. It is appropriate to ask the interviewer for their business card during the interview so that you have their contact information.

Ready to apply for a diesel technician position?

Search Schneider’s diesel technician opportunities and find a job that fits with your lifestyle and career goals.

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