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What to wear to a technician job interview: Outfit suggestions and more

Two men standing with their arms crossed in a diesel mechanic shop next to a semi trailer. One is wearing a white dress shirt, tie, black dress pants and dress shoes and the other is wearing a blue dress shirt, black dress pants and dress shoes.
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While a diesel technician’s daily attire usually consists of coveralls, steel toe boots and safety glasses, what they should wear for an interview looks completely different.

It’s important to make a good first impression, regardless of if you are interviewing for a senior technician position or an entry-level role. And the best way to do that is to wear something that makes you look professional and put together.

What to wear to a technician job interview?

Follow these general outfit guidelines when deciding what to wear to a technician job interview.

For men …

  • Dark-colored dress pants.
  • Solid-colored or a simple patterned button-down dress shirt.
  • Dress shoes and dark socks.
  • Blazer or sport coat.
  • Limited jewelry.

For women …

  • Dark-colored dress pants or skirt (just below or above the knee) with a simple patterned blouse.
  • Or, a dark-colored dress with nylons.
  • Closed-toed dress shoes with no heel, like loafers (heels are discouraged because there is a chance you will go into the shop).
  • Limited jewelry.

If are coming straight from another job or from school …

If your interview is scheduled shortly after you’re done with your shift at another shop or done with school for the day, be up-front with the recruiter. Explain that you may not have time to run home, get ready and change your clothes before the interview.

Most of the time, recruiters and hiring managers are extremely understanding of these situations. However, it’s important to be up-front about it so they know why you aren’t dressed up.

Additional technician interview attire tips

When getting ready for the interview, keep these tips in mind as well.

1. Make sure your clothes are pressed.

Even the most professional and well put together outfit can be ruined if it’s full of wrinkles. Be sure to press or iron your clothes before putting them on for the interview.

2. Stick with a neutral outfit.

Avoid clothes that have funky patterns or are brightly colored, as they can be distracting during the interview. Stick with solid-colored pieces that are neutral colors, such as navy, grey, brown or black.

3. Ask if you will be required to demonstrate your skills during your interview.

It is appropriate to ask the recruiter a few days in advance if you will be required to demonstrate your shop skills during the interview. If the answer is yes, bring a clean pair of coveralls with you to wear during the skills demonstration.

You may also want to ask if you should bring along a pair of steel toe boots and safety glasses in the event the hiring manager or recruiter wants to bring you on a tour of the shop.

4. Remember, your appearance goes beyond your clothing.

The way you present yourself goes beyond the outfit you're wearing. If you are a man, make sure you are freshly shaven before the interview. If you are a woman, consider pulling your hair back or wearing it in a way that is presentable.

Also be mindful of how much cologne or perfume you put on before the interview, as wearing too much could be distracting.

Looking for more advice about how to prepare for a diesel technician job interview?

Set yourself up for success by checking out our seven diesel technician job interview tips. Our pointers include what to do before, during and after the interview to give yourself the best chance of getting the job.

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