Trailer Searches, Speed Stance Among Topics Discussed in February Facebook Chat

By Todd Jadin Feb 25, 2016
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Schneider’s February Facebook chat was our most active to date. Prospective and current Schneider drivers were able to voice concerns, and I did my best to draw on more than 30 years of experience to answer them, or refer them to those who can.

Again, the goal of these chats is to capture driver themes and make sure we’re addressing those big issues that impact the entire driver force. We’re not perfect, and we need to work together to make Schneider better.

February chat overview

Below is a high-level summary of some topics discussed during the February chat. See the full chat.

  • Idle – low RPM idle in cold weather and Ambient Temperature Sensors (ATS)
  • Trailer searches – recent progress made and continued improvement plans
  • Speed stance – a vibrant discussion on speed, and reason for our stance
  • Lane departure warning – positives and negatives
  • Vacation pay/Paid Time Off (PTO) – explaining the change and how we calculate
  • Crossroads – new ideas to make internal information more accessible and engaging
  • Mobile apps – positive reviews, time-saving features and what’s next
  • Routing – how to handle necessary re-routing
  • Drop lots/facilities – questions on Sumner, WA and Woodhaven locations
  • Inverters – continued discussion from the January chat
  • MPG bonus – maximizing mile-per-gallon bonus potential
  • Workflow and electronic logs – connecting the two
  • Time at Home (TAH) – how to manage and use home time
  • Sign-on bonus – why and how the bonus process works
  • Truck colors – why orange, white, black and gray
  • Automated transmissions – positive reviews and owner-operator considerations
  • Tractor assignment – assignment policy, fleet age and recent equipment investments

RSVP for March chat

I’ll be back again on March 16 to answer more driver questions. Please RSVP, invite your friends and feel free to leave your questions in advance on the next Facebook chat page.

What do you think about our monthly Facebook chats?


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Todd Jadin is Vice President of Associate Relations and Talent Management for Schneider and has been an integral member of the Big Orange for over 30 years. When not creating the associate experience, you can find Todd spending time with his family and actively assisting with youth basketball in the Green Bay area.

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