Truck Driver Questions Answered in Monthly Schneider Facebook Chat

By Todd Jadin Jan 25, 2016
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Schneider will be holding monthly company driver Facebook chats throughout 2016, with the goal to capture driver themes and make sure we are addressing those big issues that impact the entire driver force. We understand we are not perfect in everything we do, so we need to work together to make Schneider better.

Certain issues can’t be solved in an online chat venue, but this provides an excellent opportunity for open discussion about trucking — with current and prospective Schneider company drivers. I’ll be sharing my insight from more than 30 years with Schneider, and I’ll follow up with others in the company where needed. Some things will need to be handled during normal working hours and through DBLs (Driver Business Leaders), Operations Managers and/or Division Managers.

January chat overview

Below is a high-level summary of topics discussed during the January 20 chat. See the full chat.

  • Cold-weather idle – bunk heaters and low RPM
  • 1,500-watt power inverters – adding to our fleet and technical specs
  • Tag axle issues in snow and ice – additional driver insight
  • Facilities – parking, space and amenities
  • Driver pay – how we think about and review pay
  • Dash cameras – benefits of forward-facing cameras
  • Teaming – how to find a team partner
  • Trailer Tails – what our experience has been
  • King pins and seals on empty trailers – holding drivers accountable
  • Tire socks/tire chains – how we use them and think about them
  • Time at home – How we handle slip seating
  • Tractor park location – designated park locations vs. taking tractor home
  • Military experience, job availability and physicals – many other topics covered

RSVP for February chat

I’ll be back online again on February 17 to answer more driver questions. Please RSVP, invite your friends and feel free to leave your questions in advance on the next Facebook chat event page:

Make sure to join us for our second Company Driver Facebook Chat of the year! Click "Going" or "Interested" to RSVP.

Posted by Schneider Truck Driving Jobs on Monday, January 25, 2016

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