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What is life like as a Schneider Tanker driver?
Tanker Bulk Truck
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August 29, 2016

Schneider leads the industry in liquid bulk specialty chemical hauling 2/3 non-hazardous loads. Tanker drivers earn up to $79,500 per year because of the special handling some freight requires. Big money isn’t the only perk for Tanker drivers at Schneider, however.:

Schneider’s Tanker division holds a variety of options for drivers. Rack up more miles and travel all over the nation as an Over-the-Road or Team Tanker driver; or stay close to home as a Regional or Local Tanker driver. Schneider also offers Intermodal Tanker positions, where you’ll be hauling liquid bulk chemicals in trailers that can be used on the rail and over-the-road. With this many options, Schneider makes it easy to find a Tanker driving position that fits your interests.

“My practical side told me to get a good job with stability, but I did not want to compromise my sense of adventure…I took all the variables of trucking into consideration – lifestyle, opportunities available and the actual work – and felt like it was the path for me.” –
Lucas Karcher, former Over-the-Road Tanker driver, current Driver Safety Leader
Upon looking for a career change, Perry decided to switch from Over-the-Road driving to Tanker driving.
“I felt like a rookie again, but I love how the Tanker division is very involved and specialized. With Tanker, there is no room for error – you have to get it right the first time. On the plus side, the trailer is shorter and you can see around it, making it easier to park.” –
Perry Rine, Tanker driver
Schneider values a healthy work-life balance, so we make sure you get the time off you deserve. Regional drivers can spend one or two days per week at home, while Local drivers return home every night. Over-the-Road and Team Tanker drivers get to pick six days per month they would like off, and we work with you to make that happen.
“Schneider is very good about getting a driver home. Schneider allows us six days a month that we are guaranteed to be off.” –
Robert “BB” Blau, Over-the-Road Tanker driver
David Mills appreciated Schneider’s ample home time when his wife needed major surgery – and David’s support.
“The folks at Schneider were there for me the whole time, making sure I was able to be at home for my wife.” –
David Mills, Tanker driver
Schneider offers continual training, starting with paid orientation. As a Tanker driver, you may be hauling hazardous materials or other products that require special handling. We ensure our drivers have the training they need to hit the road safely.
“[Schneider offers] the best training in the industry so tanker drivers are well prepared before they start out on their own. I cannot count how many times I heard (and still hear) the motto, ‘safety first and always.’” –
Lucas Karcher, former Over-the-Road Tanker driver, current Driver Safety Leader
“I like that Schneider promotes safety all the time. The rules don’t change from one person to the next. Schneider teaches you the correct way to operate a vehicle, without any shortcuts.” –
David Mills, Tanker driver
“I am required to participate in ongoing trainings, and I welcome this. These trainings challenge me and help me remain engaged as a driver. Schneider also has an amazing network of support – you are out there driving by yourself but never feel like you are on your own. I wouldn’t drive anywhere else.” –
Perry Rine, Tanker driver

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