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Top 6 advantages of mirrorless semi-truck technology

A white Schneider tractor with MirrorEye camera systems, carrying an orange intermodal container is parked at an angle in a dirt parking lot.

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Schneider is constantly improving driver safety by investing in top-of-the-line equipment and testing innovative truck driver safety technology like MirrorEye’s mirrorless semi-truck technology.

Mirrorless technology is an advancement in how drivers look backward and is used to replace standard semi-truck mirrors with an easy-to-use system of cameras and monitors.

But how exactly does this technology work together to enhance truck driver safety?

How does mirrorless technology work?

A driver wearing a reflective orange long sleeved shirt opens the door of a white Schneider semi-truck with MirrorEye cameras instead of standard mirrors.

The MirrorEye system consists of five high-definition cameras and two 12-inch monitors. The cameras are located above the cab doors and display real-time footage of the road around the truck.

A man wearing a reflective orange shirt sits in the cab of a semi-truck and is looking at the MirrorEye monitors which are attached to the A pillar of the semi-truck.

The monitors display a split screen view of each side of the truck, as well as a bumper-to-drive-axel view of the truck’s blind spot and are located on the A pillars of the cab.

The MirrorEye cameras are not driver-facing and can be controlled by the truck driver via a small control panel found on the right side of the steering wheel. The monitor display settings can also be adjusted using this control panel.

Schneider has had the opportunity to test mirrorless semi-truck technology extensively over the last few years. In fact, Schneider drivers have driven over 2 million miles using mirrorless technology.

You can learn more about Schneider’s extensive testing of MirrorEye’s technology in our recent mirrorless truck technology video.

Top advantages of mirrorless semi-truck technology

The following are some advantages our truck drivers and safety team have noted about the use of mirrorless truck technology:

1. Increased reliability in adverse weather conditions: Not only are MirrorEye’s cameras water and dust resistant but having monitors inside the cab means drivers’ views always stay clear and fog free.

2. Superior nighttime visibility: Mirrorless technology also improves the ability to see clearly in dark or nighttime conditions by offering adjustable night vision.

3. Better visibility while backing: The new camera system is equipped with both an automatic panning function as well as manual panning controls, so drivers can adjust their camera view to see more than just their trailer when turning or reversing.

4. Safer and easier lane changes: The MirrorEye monitor displays three distance markers that indicate: the end of the trailer (red), 40 feet behind the end of the trailer (orange) and 80 feet behind the end of the trailer (green).

5. Enhanced driver comfort: Using a camera instead of a reflective surface ensures that drivers will always have an excellent HD view of their surroundings, regardless of driver height or size.

6. Improved fuel efficiency: We noticed a fuel savings of up to 2.5% since replacing the standard mirrors with mirrorless truck technology.

See how Schneider drives safety innovation.

Schneider is driven to improve the comfort and safety of drivers by investing in new and innovative technology. See how we’ve upgraded our equipment and technology to ensure that drivers experience superior safety.

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