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Schneider's semi-truck electrical systems: HVAC, APUs and more

A black plastic outlet is next to two power inverters in a semi-truck interior.

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Schneider knows that a driver’s semi-truck is their home away from home. That’s why we design our trucks specifically with drivers in mind.

One thing drivers need on the road is power. Power plays a major part in driver comfort and can aid drivers in charging electronics, cooking up some dinner, watching television or managing the temperature of their cab.

Schneider’s sleeper semi-truck specs include important technology like auxiliary power units (APU), Optimized Idle systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and power inverters.

Schneider’s semi-truck electrical systems

Battery-powered APUs

APUs are a standard spec on Schneider’s new full-sized sleeper trucks. This piece of technology allows truck drivers unlimited electrical power even with the engine off and is perfect for drivers who want to charge their electronics, power their refrigerators, use cooking appliances or watch TV while they’re on their breaks.

Optimized Idle

This unique piece of technology reduces engine idle time by automatically stopping and starting the engine when needed. The Optimized Idle system is a standard feature on Schneider’s full sized sleeper trucks and allows drivers to do the following:

  • Keep the engine oil temperatures between factory set limits.
  • Keep the truck battery charged.
  • Keep the cab at the desired temperature.

The Optimized Idle system runs quietly and offers lower exhaust emissions and improves the lifespan of truck starters and engines.

Battery-powered HVAC system

This equipment is standard on Schneider’s full sized sleeper semi-trucks (not including Team and Intermodal trucks). The HVAC system works with a diesel-powered heater the Optimized Idle system to maintain climate control in semi-truck cabs.

Drivers can use this system to maintain their heat or air conditioning while they sleep without having to regularly start their engine.

1,800-watt power inverters

Approximately 84% of Schneider’s sleeper trucks come equipped with one power inverter. Schneider has selected an Eaton 1,800-watt pure sine wave inverter for the factory-installed option.

This inverter is large enough to run most electrical devices required, including CPAP machines, which can help drivers with sleep apnea. The inverters are built with a low voltage disconnect (LVD) set at 12.2 volts.

What devices can be used with the power inverter?

Wondering what sort of devices are compatible with an 1,800-watt power inverter? Below you’ll find a list of devices with their power consumption.

DevicePower consumption
Air compressor1,800 watts
Espresso machine1,600 watts
Shop vacuum1,600 watts
Microwave (large) 1.2 Cu Ft1,500 watts
Rotisserie1,400 watts
Microwave (medium) .8 Cu Ft1,250 watts
Microwave (small) .6 Cu Ft1,000 watts
Coffee maker800 watts
Toaster oven800 watts
Small fridge/cooler500-600 watts
Slow cooker250 watts
TV – 16” LCD180 watts

Schneider's fleet contains trucks with varying model years and specs, some of which may not be available at any given time or location. Drivers are encouraged to contact their team leader for more detailed truck spec information.

We’re always driving improvement

Discover even more about all the equipment and technology Schneider is installing into our trucks to make your life as a driver a little easier. 

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