Infographic: The Staggering Technology Behind Trucking and Logistics

By Brian Stuelpner Jul 7, 2016

Technology may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think about trucking and logistics, but perhaps it should be.

Think for a moment how you’d simultaneously manage the logistics of nearly 20,000 loads — per day, every day. Oh, and they have varying degrees of urgency, they’re spread across North America, and each driver has extensive regulatory requirements and personal needs. Add in weather changes, traffic patterns, seasonal freight flows and equipment considerations, and you’ll scratch the surface of how extensive Schneider’s Information Technology and Engineering and Analytics capabilities need to be.

We have worked hard to establish the strong foundation that handles the complexity mentioned above, and are focusing on innovation at the edge to differentiate us in the market… and we love every minute of it.

The infographic below takes you deeper — showcasing Schneider’s rich history of technology innovation, capturing the staggering scope of our current technological capabilities, and looking to the exciting future of Tech @ Schneider.

Tech @ Schneider Infographic

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Brian is Schneider’s Vice President of Strategy, Planning, and Architecture. He joined Schneider in 2015 after a career in management consulting, and continues to be impressed by the culture of the company and the leading-edge technology that helps enable the enterprise. In his free time, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and four daughters.

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