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Top 110 questions to ask trucking companies

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As you look for a new driving job, it’s essential to learn as much as you can about the companies you’re considering before deciding which one you want to join.  

While in a phone screen or interview, consider using some of these 110 questions to ask trucking companies to gather information and decide if it’s the right company for you. 

General questions to ask trucking companies 

1. What kind of routes does the company offer (local, regional, over-the-road, etc.)? 

2. What types of driving opportunities are available at the company (dry van, dedicated, intermodal, bulk, etc.)? 

3. What states/regions does the company primarily haul in? 

4. Do I need to sign a contract with your company? 

5. How much of the company’s freight is no-touch? 

6. How much of the company's freight is drop-and-hook? 

7. Does the company provide special training for jobs that require loading and unloading freight by hand? 

8. How much of the company’s freight is live load and unload? 

9. Can drivers transfer to new driving positions within the company? 

10. Does the company offer career advancement opportunities to its drivers?  

11. Does the company have a pet policy? 

12. What is the company’s passenger policy? 

13. Does the company have a slip-seat policy? 

14. Does the company provide uniforms or footwear? 

15. Does the company help drivers get endorsements for their CDL? 

16. Does your company reimburse the fees associated with getting endorsements? 

17. Does your company provide refresher training courses? 

18. How long has the company been in business? 

19. How many drivers does the company employ? 

20. How long do drivers typically stay with the company? 

21. What is the company’s culture like? 

22. What are the company's hiring guidelines? 

23. How long does the hiring process take? 

24. What kind of information is reviewed during the hiring process? 

Questions to ask trucking recruiters about pay 

25. How does the company pay drivers (mileage pay, hourly pay, load pay, etc.)? 

26. What is the starting pay for a driver with my experience? 

27. How much can I expect to earn over my first year? 

28. How often do drivers get paid? 

29. Does your company pay overtime? 

30. How often do miles/schedules fluctuate week to week? 

31. Are there opportunities for raises at the company? 

32. Does the company offer sign-on bonuses? 

33. Does the company offer accessorial pay, such as loading/unloading pay, layover pay, detention pay, etc.? 

34. When can I expect my first paycheck? 

35. Does the company offer safety bonuses? 

36. Does the company offer performance bonuses? 

37. Does the company offer longevity bonuses? 

38. Does the company have a referral bonus program? 

39. Does the company provide guarantee pay for new drivers? 

40. Does the company offer on-demand cash advance? Up to how much per week? 

41. Does the company cover any additional expenses, such as truck washes? 

42. Does the company provide a fuel card? 

Questions to ask trucking recruiters about benefits 

43. Does the company offer benefits to drivers 

44. What does the benefits package include (health, dental, vision, etc.)? 

45. How long do drivers need to be with the company to be eligible for benefits? 

46. Is there a 401(k) plan? If so, is there a company match? 

47. Does the company provide paid vacation and holidays?  

48. How much paid time off do new drivers start with? 

49. Do drivers earn more paid time off the longer they’re with the company? Up to how much? 

50. Can I cash out my paid time off if not used? 

51. Is there a per diem pay program at the company?  

52. Is the per diem pay program mandatory? 

53. Does the company have a driver loyalty program? 

54. Does the company have terminals? How many? Where? 

55. What amenities are offered at terminals (showers, laundry, gyms)? 

56. Does the company offer any military-specific benefits? 

57. Does the company credit drivers for military experience? 

58. Does the company provide guaranteed home time for active service members? 

Questions to ask trucking recruiters about equipment 

59. What types of trucks does the company use (make and model)? 

60. What is the average age of the company’s tractors? 

61. What is the average age of the company’s trailers? 

62. How often are trucks serviced? 

63. Do the company’s trucks have manual or automatic transmissions? 

64. How many miles are put on the trucks before the company takes them out of the fleet? 

65. Do the company’s trucks have cameras installed? 

66. Are cameras forward-facing or road-facing? 

67. What fuel efficiency features are the company's trucks spec'd with? 

68. What driver comfort features are the company's trucks spec'd with? 

69. Do the company’s trucks come with APUs? 

70. Do the company’s trucks have bunk heaters? 

71. Do the company’s trucks come with power inverters? 

72. Do the company’s trucks come with refrigerators and/or microwaves? 

73. What size bedding do I need? 

74. What electronics are provided to drivers, such as tablets? 

75. Does the company use electronic logs? 

76. Does the company provide an ELD? 

77. Are drivers responsible for their own repairs? 

78. What kind of maintenance support does the company provide? 

79. Does the company offer roadside assistance? 

80. Does the company have their own repair shops?  

Questions to ask trucking recruiters about safety 

81. What driver safety features do the company’s trucks have (lane departure warning, collision mitigation, etc.)?  

82. What speed are the company’s trucks governed at? 

83. What is the company's policy on driving in bad weather? 

84. Does the company provide tire chains when required? 

85. What is the company’s safety record? 

86. What kind of safety incentives does the company offer? 

87. Does the company have ongoing safety training programs for drivers? 

Questions to ask trucking recruiters about getting your CDL 

88. Can the company help me get a CDL? 

89. Does the company offer their own CDL training courses? 

90. How long is the company’s CDL training course? 

91. Where are the CDL training courses held? 

92. What is covered in the CDL training course? 

93. Does the company pay drivers during CDL training? How much? 

94. Does the company provide food and lodging during CDL training? 

95. How much on-the-road experience do drivers get during the CDL training course? 

96. If the company does not provide a CDL training course, do they have a tuition reimbursement program instead? 

97. What drivers are eligible for tuition reimbursement? 

98. How much is the tuition reimbursement?  

99. How is tuition reimbursement paid out? 

Questions to ask trucking recruiters about orientation 

100. How long is the company’s orientation? 

101. What is covered in the company’s orientation? 

102. Where is orientation held? 

103. Does the company pay drivers during orientation?  

104. Are drivers paid to attend orientation? If yes, how much? 

105. Does the company provide food and lodging during orientation? 

106. Do I have to share a room with another new driver during orientation? 

107. Does the company pay for travel arrangements to orientation? 

108. How much of orientation is spent on the road? 

109. What am I required to bring to orientation? 

110. What am I allowed to wear at orientation? 

Ready to put these questions to use?

Chat with a Schneider recruiter today by texting “Chat” to 28000 or calling 800-44-PRIDE. Or, find a recruiting event near you to get your questions answered by a Schneider field recruiter.  
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