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Video: Schneider's Team Matching Program creates winning teams

Schneider Team Matching Program video
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May 28, 2019

Team truck driving is appealing for truck drivers. It means more miles, more money, a higher sign-on bonus and new equipment.

What happens when a truck driver wants to be a team driver but doesn’t have a partner to pair up with? Schneider’s Team Matching Program is the solution.

This new video showcases how the Team Matching Program has worked for current teams and how it could work for you, too.

Included in the Team Matching Program video:

  • What the Team Matching Program is designed to do (:26)
  • How the program works (1:04)
  • What happens if two truck drivers are paired up (1:23)
  • Why team truck driving is appealing (1:40)
  • How the program sets Schneider apart (2:09)

Ready to try out the Team Matching Program?

All you need to do is fill out the form, and we’ll start looking for possible matches so you can be part of a successful team.

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