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Can truck drivers bring their dog or cat on the road?

A truck driver sitting with their dog on their lap in the driver's seat of their cab.

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If you’re considering a career in trucking, you may be wondering if you’re allowed to bring a pet along for the ride. After all, with truck drivers spending many hours out on the road and away from home, the idea of having an animal companion can sound quite tempting.  

But can truck drivers bring their dog or cat on the road with them? And what kind of policies do trucking companies have when it comes to bringing a pet? Keep reading to find out. 

Can truck drivers bring their dog or cat with them? 

Yes, truck drivers can have a pet in the truck with them, if the company they work for allows it. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) has no official ruling on pets in trucks, so it is up to each company whether pets are allowed or not in their company trucks. 

Since each company’s policy differs, it is important to ask each recruiter you talk to about what their specific company’s policy is.  

What are the requirements for trucking with a dog or cat? 

Even if your company does allow you to take a pet on the road, there will likely be several requirements in place and guidelines to follow to ensure driver safety.  

Common requirements include: 

1. The type of pet that is allowed. 

Many companies only allow dogs to be taken on the road, though some allow cats as well. 

2. Limits on the number of pets. 

Though some companies allow multiple pets to be taken on the road, it is most common for companies to only allow one pet to be taken on the road. At some companies, only team drivers are allowed to bring multiple pets with them. 

3. Deposits and cleaning fees. 

Companies almost always require drivers to pay a deposit to cover the cleaning costs associated with having a pet in the truck. These deposits range from $200 to $500, and may not be refundable, depending on the company. 

There is typically also an agreement in place that any damage caused by the pet will come out of the driver’s paycheck. 

4. Breed and weight guidelines. 

Companies often set a weight limit for dogs, usually 20 or 50 pounds. It is also common to see the requirement of ‘non-aggressive’ dogs, meaning some breeds are not allowed. 

For cats, it may be required that they be declawed.  

5. Restrictions on where pets are allowed.  

Many companies require the pet to stay in the driver’s truck while at customer or company faculties. Most of the time, pets must be removed from the cab while it is being serviced.  

6. Paperwork required to travel with a pet. 

Before letting you take your pet on the road, many companies will check to see if your pet is properly licensed. You may also need to show a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI). 

These documents are required by companies to verify that your pet has all the proper vaccinations. In some states, a CVI is even required to legally bring your pet across borders.  

What is Schneider’s pet policy? 

At Schneider, team drivers are allowed to travel with one cat or dog as long as they meet the requirements of the Team Pet Policy. 

Requirements of Schneider’s Team Pet Policy include: 

  • Drivers must be part of a formed team.
  • The pet must be either a cat or a dog. No other types of pets are allowed.
  • If the pet is a dog, it must be of a non-aggressive breed.
  • Pet owners must provide the proper paperwork to prove their pet is licensed and all vaccinations are up to date.
  • The pet must be properly secured in the sleeper berth whenever the truck is in motion.
  • The truck must be kept clean while traveling with a pet.
  • Drivers are not permitted to have their pet during orientation or training.
  • Team drivers must pay a $300 non-refundable cleaning fee to bring their pet in their truck.

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