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Top 10 pieces of truck driver cooking equipment you need

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Life on the road doesn't mean you have to compromise on good food. With a few key pieces of cooking equipment, truck drivers can enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals right from the comfort of their cab.

Keep reading for a rundown of the best truck driver cooking equipment to boost your on-the-go cooking capabilities.

10 essential cooking appliances for truckers

1. Refrigerator.

Mini-fridges and electric coolers are both great appliances for truck drivers. Having portable refrigeration expands drivers’ ability to meal prep and eat healthy food while on the road. This is why Schneider includes refrigerators in most of our company sleeper trucks.

If the company you drive for does not spec its trucks with refrigerators, you can invest in your own mini-fridge or electric cooler. Find a cooler that fits your needs by checking out our picks for the best coolers for truck drivers.

2. Microwave.

A microwave is another essential appliance for on-the-road cooking. It is great for reheating leftovers, cooking frozen meals or heating up a snack.

Plus, the variety of microwave options on the market makes it easy for truck drivers to find one that fits their truck’s space and power restrictions.

3. Dash Mini Waffle Maker.

The Dash Mini Waffle Maker provides a 4-inch non-stick cooking surface that heats in minutes and allows drivers to cook a variety of quick, waffle-based meals. This appliance is inexpensive, versatile and only uses 350 watts. It also comes with a convenient recipe book packed with plenty of tasty meal ideas.

4. Electric lunch box.

An electric lunch box is ideal for truck drivers since they can reheat leftovers, cook frozen foods and expand hot meal options. Plus, portable stoves are easy to clean, as drivers can use disposable aluminum pans or tinfoil when cooking.

Also called a portable stove, the most impressive part of these appliances is that they heat up using a 12-volt power port, making them a great cooking tool for truck drivers.

5. Crockpot.

A crockpot is a great option for truck drivers who don’t have the time to prepare a fresh meal at lunch or dinner. Drivers can buy ingredients from a grocery or convenience store, put them in a crockpot before they leave and enjoy a meal that's ready to eat by day's end.

Crockpots are an ideal appliance for truck drivers because they are affordable, convenient and come in small size options.

6. Reusable food containers.

Another essential piece of cooking equipment for truck drivers is reusable food containers. Drivers have limited space within their trucks, so stackable or nestable food container options are helpful.

7. Electric skillet.

Having an electric skillet makes it easy to cook meals that would usually need a stove. Electric skillets are convenient because they come with a built-in pan.

Skillets are also a great option because they provide easy temperature control and can evenly cook a large amount of food.

8. Personal blender.

Blenders are a great appliance for truck drivers looking to eat more fruits and vegetables. Drivers can use a blender to make healthy foods and drinks like smoothies, sauces, soups and more.

Plus, some portable blenders even serve as their own cup, so drivers don’t have to worry about packing extra glasses or bottles.

9. Pressure cooker.

Can’t decide whether you want a pressure cooker or an air fryer for your truck? Get the best of both worlds with this 7-in-1 combination appliance. It can steam, slow cook, sauté, warm and even make yogurt.

This 3-quart pressure cooker uses approximately 700 watts, has 10 safety features and comes with a companion app that has over 1,900 recipes.

10. Travel spice rack.

Packing a travel sized spice rack can make a major difference. Trying new flavors will make cooking more exciting and enhance your meal options on the road.

Are you looking for more recipes to try on the road?

Check out our guide to eating healthy as a truck driver to find recipes, shopping lists and other helpful advice.

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