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Schneider driver creates trucker fitness app
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October 10, 2019

As a kayak instructor, diver and windsurfer, Pablo Robbles had always been physically fit and healthy. However, when he became a team truck driver for Schneider in 2016, he struggled to adapt to the new lifestyle and find time to exercise.

That’s when Pablo turned to Darin Flannery, an Atlas physical therapist who works at Schneider’s Indianapolis facility, for help. Pablo took the information he learned from Darin and his 35 years’ experience of software development to make a trucker fitness app called Personal Trainer.


Pablo believes Personal Trainer is the perfect trucker fitness app for drivers who are looking to pursue a healthy lifestyle while out on the road.

5 facts about the Personal Trainer trucker fitness app

1. It works with truck drivers’ schedules

One thing Pablo really took into consideration when creating the Personal Trainer app was designing workouts that could fit with drivers’ varied schedules. With the app, drivers can finish a high-intensity workout in less than 10 minutes.

2. It shows you how to do each exercise

Another cool thing about the app is that an animated truck driver does the exercises with you. If you are unsure of how to do a certain movement, you can refer to what the animation is doing and follow along.

3. It is inexpensive

Personal Trainer is meant for Android phone users and can be found on Google Play Store. It costs just $.99 to download.

4. It has a huge selection of workouts

The app consists of over 100 exercises of differing difficulty levels. All workouts are HIIT (high intensity interval training) based and require very little equipment, so drivers can perform the exercises within the truck or in a parking lot.

5. It allows users to choose one of two workout modes

Workout mode 1: You design the workout

In the first workout mode, the user chooses which exercises they want to do. They perform each exercise and repeat the process once or twice more.

The typical duration of a single exercise is 20 seconds and rest time is 10 seconds, so the workout lasts four total minutes.

This mode also allows the user to choose from three levels of difficulty: beginner, moderate or advanced and what part of the body they want to focus on: whole body, abs, arms or legs.

Workout mode 2: Challenger

With this mode, the user chooses which part of the body they want to focus on, and the app randomly picks 10 exercises. Each exercise lasts a duration of 50 seconds and is followed by a rest time of 10 seconds. This results in a workout of 10 minutes.

The benefits of the Challenger Mode are that people tend to perform exercises they are comfortable with and don’t work a variety of muscles. When fed random exercises, the user is forced to try something they otherwise hadn’t.

The importance of being a healthy truck driver

Pablo said he would like to see more drivers download his app because it considers the trucker lifestyle by offering high-intensity, short workouts that require little to no equipment.

He believes exercise is not only important for drivers to improve their bodily health, but it reduces the stress that comes with driving.

“With this app, there is no excuse to not be healthy,” Pablo said.

Looking to improve your health and wellness?

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