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New YETI snow removal system clears off trailers in a snap

A grey, snow-covered Schneider tractor hauling an orange trailer drives through the YETI snow removal system. The YETI snow remover ejects the snow into the air and away from the truck.

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Snowy and icy roads are often truck drivers’ main focus in the winter. However, the snow and ice that builds up on top of trailers can also be a huge safety concern during winter months.

When drivers hit the road, the snow on top of their trailer can blow off and cause visibility issues for other drivers. Dangerous debris can also come off and damage vehicles following the semi-truck.

Due to the danger caused by driving snow-covered equipment, states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington and Connecticut have created regulations that require all drivers (commercial and non-commercial) to clear off their vehicles and trailers before they start driving.

This is where convenient technology, like the YETI snow removal system, comes in handy.

How to remove snow from a trailer without a YETI system

Schneider provides drivers with innovative technology and equipment to help them combat the challenges they encounter both on and off the road, and winter weather tasks are no different.

Over the years, Schneider has implemented a variety of snow removal systems at our driver facilities including:

  • Truck brushes: This system is like a carwash and uses large brushes to push snow off trucks and trailers.
  • Truck plows: Scrapers attached to uprights push snow off tractor and trailer roofs.

Although these snow removal systems have proved useful in previous winters, Schneider has continued to test new equipment to see what works best for our drivers.

Recently, we installed a new piece of snow removal technology, called the YETI snow removal system, at our driver facility in Carlisle, Pa.

Schneider’s new YETI snow removal system

Schneider is using the Carlisle, Pa YETI snow removal system as a pilot program to decide if we will install additional snow removal systems at other driver facilities in the future.

But how exactly does the new system differ from other methods of snow removal?

How does the YETI system work?

The YETI system works like a self-serve carwash. Drivers turn on the machine and then drive under the snow removal system so it can remove any snow and ice that has built up on the trailer roof.

Although this may sound like any other plow or brush system, YETI is unique because it does more than just push snow off the trailer roof. The YETI acts as a large snow blower and uses three augers to fully clean off trailers.

Here’s how the augers work:

  • Auger one: Breaks up snow and ice.
  • Auger two: Directs snow to the snow blower.
  • Auger three: Sweeps up any leftover snow and directs it back to the snow blower.

Top 3 benefits of the YETI snow removal system

1. Improves overall driver safety.

    Using a machine like the YETI reduces the chances of drivers injuring themselves through eliminating the need for them to manually remove snow from trailer roofs with shovels.

    Additionally, using the YETI snow removal system ensures all the snow is cleared off each trailer before it hits the road. This, in turn, improves the overall safety and visibility of motorists who drive next to or behind semi-trucks.

    2. Provides on demand snow removal.

      Another convenient feature of the YETI system is that it is available to drivers 24/7.

      Most snow removal systems simply scrape off snow, leaving it to fall and pile up around the truck. That usually means equipment must be manned by someone who can constantly remove built up snow so drivers can continue to clear their trucks.

      However, the YETI is unique because its snow blower can throw snow and ice far enough away from the equipment to avoid inconvenient pile ups.

      3. Saves time removing snow.

        YETI estimates it takes drivers an average of 30 minutes to remove snow from the top of their trailer using a traditional roof shovel. However, the YETI system can remove the same amount of snow in as little as two minutes.

        This saves valuable time for drivers and keeps them out of the harsh winter weather.

        Want to learn more about Schneider’s innovative technology?

        Schneider prides itself on finding innovative new ways to enhance the driver experience. You can learn more about our recent technological updates by checking out even more technology themed blogs.

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