Drivers Top of Mind at Corporate with Replica Tractor-Trailer

By The Schneider Guy Oct 23, 2018

A scale model of a Schneider tractor-trailer welcomes associates and guests to our headquarters, a constant reminder that we work for our drivers.

Video: A Typical Day at Schneider Transportation Management

By Sarah Wehling Oct 11, 2016

See what a typical day looks like in our Schneider Transportation Management (STM) office, Schneider’s third party logistics business (3PL). Our STM team takes you behind the scenes to see their fast paced, fun day as Logistics Sales Account Representatives.

Schneider Driving Job Questions Answered in Monthly Facebook Chat

By Todd Jadin Oct 6, 2016
Schneider has held nine Facebook chats in 2016 with three left this year. Here are some highlights from the most recent chat and answers to the top questions.

Compare the Best Truck Driving Schools With New CDL Training Directory

By Ken Smith Oct 4, 2016
Schneider does not have its own truck driving school, but we hire graduates from hundreds of the best schools — as described in this comprehensive resource.

Schneider's 1994 'Truckload of Tunes' Cassette Now Digital

By John Nienow Sep 29, 2016
"Truckload of Tunes" captured the musical talent of Schneider associates in 1994, and today, we're proud to launch the digitally remastered version.

Recognizing ‘Road Angels,’ Truck Drivers Who Help People in Need

By The Schneider Guy Sep 26, 2016
Schneider truck drivers often go above and beyond to help people in need while on the road. Here's one harrowing account described in our company history book.

4-Million-Mile Schneider Driver Bob Wyatt Receives International Award

By The Schneider Guy Sep 22, 2016
Schneider driver Bob Wyatt added the 2016 CVSA International Driver Excellence Award to his impressive career with this award ceremony acceptance speech.

What to Expect When Schneider Attends a College Career Fair at Your School?

By Sarah Campillo Sep 20, 2016

It's that time of year for college career fairs. Learn what to expect when Schneider attends one near you and what is expected of college students.

Life as a Truck Driver's Daughter

By Samantha May Sep 15, 2016
Samantha reflects on growing up as the child of a truck driver, handling his time away, maximizing his time home and how he became "Superman" in her eyes.

Truck Driver Appreciation Week 'Thank You' From Schneider Executive VP

By Mark Rourke Sep 12, 2016
In recognition of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Schneider Chief Operating Officer Mark Rourke shares his heartfelt thanks to truckers.

The Schneider Gut Check For Becoming a Driver Trainer

By Geoffrey Alleyne Sep 7, 2016
It may be time to advance your career with a new role. Take this five-question test to discover whether you're ready to become a driver trainer.