Find a Truck Driving School

Find a Truck Driving School

CDL training - the first step to a great career.

To become a professional truck driver, you will need to obtain a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). Schneider does not have a truck driving school, but we hire CDL training graduates from schools all across the county and will help you connect with the perfect school.

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Selecting the right truck driving school for CDL training is an important step in obtaining your CDL. The Top 5 things drivers should look for in a truck driving school can help you evaluate what's most important and what you should watch out for.

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You can get pre-hired as a potential Schneider driver before you even step foot in truck driving school. Fax or email the form, and once it is reviewed and approved, you can use the form to secure loans, grants or other funding for school. Schneider also offers tuition reimbursement along with other payment assistance options to help offset the cost of truck driving school.

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