Mechanics are the life-blood of Schneider.

Keep Big Orange moving

Schneider’s skilled team of diesel mechanics keeps our vehicles safe on the road. By working together and keeping over 10,000 trucks on the move, Schneider’s maintenance team is essential to our customers’ business operations and the U.S. economy. Bottom line: Schneider diesel mechanics keep the country moving.

Schneider Diesel Mechanic Students

Students: rev up and wrench on!

Take it to the next level and build on what you’ve learned, turning it into hands-on mechanic experience at Schneider.

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Meet our team

Test, Diesel Technician

“[Schneider] teaches on site and has the majority of the tools you need to perform your job task.”


Diesel Mechanic

Melissa, Shop Floor Leader

“I'm 21 years into a great career in this field thanks to amazing folks who took the time to invest in me.”


Shop Floor Leader

Test, Shop Floor Leader

“[I enjoy] working with new hires and making sure they understand how to do quality and correct repairs.”


Lead Mechanic

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How much a diesel mechanic makes in 2020 varies based on education, location, experience and more.

How much does a diesel mechanic make in 2020?

How much a diesel mechanic makes in 2020 varies greatly, but we provide the median pay, how much Schneider mechanics make and some of the impactors.