Tech @ Schneider – Engineering/Analytics

Tech @ Schneider - Engineering/Analytics

Your solutions have real impact

Don’t get stuck in a think tank. Enjoy the freedom to explore complex problems and propose real solutions that are actually implemented. Work in an award-winning engineering/operations research department with buy-in from senior leadership.

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  • Positive Impact
    Your solutions will make a difference on people’s lives and the business
  • Diverse Opportunities
    Your analytical skills can be applied in many areas of the company
  • Industry Leader
    Join an award-winning department with a proven record of industry influence
  • Organizational Support
    Our CEO has a Ph.D. in operations research — executives respect your work
  • Great Environment
    Enjoy work-life balance, friendly people and great benefits

Positive Impact

You love solving problems, but nobody likes when their solution collects dust on a shelf. At Schneider, you’ll enjoy the freedom to work on complex, real-world problems, develop practical solutions using the best techonology and watch as your ideas are implemented. Transportation, logistics and supply chain problems are some of the most challenging, but solving them is incredibly rewarding. That’s what our engineers get to experience every day.

Senior Engineer

“When I tell people who have engineering and statistical backgrounds about the types of things I do, all the impact I’ve had on the company, the millions of dollars we’ve saved implementing some of these things, they really want to know more about working here.”

Bob, Senior Engineer
Manager Intermodal/Drayage Engineering

“When people think of trucking, they’re not thinking of Ph.D.s at work, but there are. There are some really cool problems, and not only are the problems cool — you actually get to implement solutions. You can see your work making a difference pretty quickly.”

Yvonne, Manager Intermodal/Drayage Engineering

Did you know?

Schneider planning systems evaluate 500,000 driver shipment routing options per day, compared to U.S. commercial airlines only managing 60,000 takeoffs and landings per day.

Diverse Opportunities

With nearly 14,000 drivers hauling nearly 18,000 daily loads covering nearly 11 million daily miles with nearly 7 million square feet of warehouse space, we have some interesting logistical challenges. Whether you want to solve big-picture problems or work with an individual business sector, face the customer or a computer screen, we offer exciting opportunities — at every stage of your career.

Types of Engineering Careers

  • Operations Research – Our central engineering group works on a vast spectrum of advanced planning and decision management projects
  • Data Science – We are incorporating data science in every aspect of our organization from operations, safety, environmental, to sales and marketing utilizing structured and unstructured data
  • Industrial Engineering – Improve processes and design better systems to maximize efficiency and optimization of the flow of freight across the country
  • Transportation Engineering – Develop algorithms and tools to optimize routes, distribute equipment, dispatch drivers and configure networks

Learn more about the kinds of projects our Engineers are working on right now.

Manager Dedicated Engineering

“There are so many different departments and focus areas where you can apply your skills. For your personal development, it’s such a big company and there are so many different opportunities. Schneider is a great company to work for.”

Inna, Manager Dedicated Engineering

“I wanted to start off my career getting a strong understanding of the transportation/trucking industry at the ground level, and we have resources all across the board for doing so. I was also attracted by ongoing opportunities to continually work on new, exciting problems.”

Karthik, Logistics Engineer

Industry Leader

Schneider has led the trucking industry since 1935, and our engineering/operations research efforts have been formally applied since the late 1970s. We now boast one of the largest, most successful departments in the industry. Our complex statistical modeling and analytics solutions have been recognized by some of the most prestigious industry awards, including the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS) Daniel H. Wagner Prize of Excellence in Operations Research Practice.

Senior Logistics Engineer

“One of the best things about operations research at Schneider is we have a proven track record. We’re probably one of the biggest OR departments in the country, and we’ve won prestigious awards from the community.”

Mike, Senior Logistics Engineer

Organizational Support

CEO Chris Lofgren has a Ph.D. in operations research, and he has led our engineering efforts in the past. He, the executive team and other department leaders recognize the importance of the strategic, tactical and operational solutions our engineers provide. That kind of buy-in frees our problem solvers up to have a huge impact on business profitability and people’s lives.

“I think there are a lot of frustrated data scientists out there, because they have all the technical chops, but they work at a company where they’re the only one doing this kind of work. You need an ecosystem to use the things you’re able to create. Schneider’s advantage is we already have that ecosystem built up.”

Ali, Director Engineering

Great Environment

It borders on cliché to say it because every company claims it, but our associates go out of their way to acknowledge the incredible work environment Schneider provides. Nobody gets micro-managed. Work-life balance is encouraged. Colleagues are friendly. People of all experience levels feel right at home in our Engineering department. That only happens by providing a people-first culture and great benefits.


“One of my favorite things about working at Schneider is the culture of openness and idea sharing. The combination of fresh perspectives from newer associates and the wonderful depth of knowledge and intuition that more experienced associates possess yield some amazing results. It truly is an enjoyable place to work — great environment, great people.”

Tim, Engineer

Our Engineering positions are based out of our corporate headquarters in Green Bay, WI. Learn why people love moving here, and why people born here stay.

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