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The amount of opportunities that Schneider offers are endless. Learn more about the career opportunities within the area that best suits you. We want you to love your career and Schneider as much as we do!

  • Schneider Customer Service Department

    Customer Service

    Put your people skills to good use. As a customer service representative at Schneider, you’ll build relationships with customers — helping provide solutions while creating positive business results. 

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  • Schneider Engineering Career Opportunities


    Enjoy the freedom to explore complex problems and propose real solutions that are actually implemented. Work in an award-winning department with buy-in from senior leadership. 

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  • Schneider Facilities Career Opportunities

    Facilities & Security

    Whether you’re using technology to manage building security or working hands-on to improve the quality of our facilities — you’ll be a key component to making Schneider a better, safer place. 

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  • Schneider Finance & Accounting Career Opportunities

    Finance & Accounting

    If you’re good with numbers, Finance and Accounting will be a perfect fit. Not only will you do traditional financial analysis: you’ll also interpret business results and make strategic decisions based on current trends. 

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  • Schneider Human Resources Career Opportunities

    Human Resources

    One of Schneider’s competitive advantages is the quality of our associates. As part of the Human Resources team, you’ll help attract, develop and retain those people — meaning you’ll directly impact the success of the Enterprise. 

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  • Schneider Information Technology Career Opportunities

    Information Technology

    Join our Information Technology team that is consistently on the cutting edge. Our associates are frequently recognized for developing and implementing world-class technology that literally powers our business.

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  • Operations Career Opportunities


    If you’re a quick thinker and a team player, Operations is your department. You’ll work at one of our facilities across the U.S. — working to keep our drivers moving and our customers wanting more! 

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  • Schneider Sales & Marketing Career Opportunities

    Sales & Marketing

    Creativity at its best! Our Sales and Marketing teams are innovative and savvy in their approach to attain operational excellence and continuously improve our customer's transportation needs. 

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  • Schneider Supply Chain & Logistics Career Opportunities

    Supply Chain & Logistics

    As a part of the Schneider portfolio of services, Supply Chain and Logistics manages the full transportation process from Point A to Point B. 

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