Support Shift – Customer Service

Support Shift - Customer Service Representative

You really can have it all.

Flexible, predictable hours; pay that’ll make you smile; meaningful work — why compromise those just because you can’t work 8-5? Schneider’s Support Shift is the hidden gem you’re looking for.

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Reasons to Join Schneider’s 2nd or 3rd Shift Team:

Great People to Work With

We asked our Support Shift associates what they liked most about Schneider, and one answer consistently rose to the top: People. You’ll find the same responses all around our company. People come first at Schneider, and it’s why we’ve led the industry and been a stable company since 1935.

Support Shift Customer Service Manager

“The people are the reason I stay. I love the people I work with, and I love our customer base. I’m all about building relationships, working with others (towards goals) and problem solving. Also, I hold a passion for coaching, mentoring and helping others — I get all those things and more every day in my role.”

Matt, Support Shift Customer Service Manager

>>>Blog post by Matt: Why I Enjoy Working on Schneider’s Customer Service Support Shift

Support Shift Customer Service Rep

“You have a great group of people to work with. Your support team, your planners, your operations, your managers — they’re all great. I love them all.”

Stephanie, Support Shift Customer Service Representative

The Flexibility You’re Looking For

Support Shift — comprised of our second (afternoon/evening) and third (night) shift positions (including weekends) — offers tremendous schedule flexibility. Yet, it’s a schedule you can rely on. That combination is hard to find, and it works for a lot of people just like you. Here are a few examples:

  • College students whose class schedule changes every semester:

    Support Shift Customer Service Representative

    “I’m in school full-time, so working in retail I never really knew what my schedule would look like. That’s a really big plus for me at Schneider because of how flexible they are with school.”

    Ashlee, Support Shift Customer Service Representative
  • First-shift employees from other companies looking for supplemental income:

    “I like the hours I work on the weekend because it allows me to work my full-time job and also manage to get my hours in.”

    Kay, Support Shift Customer Service Representative
  • Anyone who functions better later in the day or during the night — however your biological clock is wired, we have opportunities

We have a flexible, predictable schedule to meet your needs — full-time or part-time.

The Pay You Want

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your income to work a schedule that works for you. The minimum starting pay for our Support Shift positions is $13 per hour, plus $0.60 shift incentive pay. Many Support Shift associates also qualify for an array of great benefits.

Support Shift Customer Service Representative

“It’s definitely way better than any other job for a college student I’ve seen. The hours are good, and you’re also getting paid really well.”

Carolyn, Support Shift Customer Service Representative

Work That Makes a Difference

Transportation/logistics/trucking is the backbone of the economy, and customer service associates play a critical role in keeping the economy going 24/7/365. Customers manufacture the goods and drivers deliver the goods, but without customer service associates connecting those dots, nothing would move.

This isn’t a call center. It’s a professional environment with a dynamic team of problem solvers doing work that matters. It’s not always easy, but it sure is rewarding.

Support Shift Customer Service Representative

“Every day I come here I learn something, and the customer service part, working with people, I really enjoy that. The best thing about my job is when you genuinely help somebody. … It’s a very respectable job, and Schneider takes great pride in their business. I never dread coming to work. It’s just a good place to be.”

Marcia, Support Shift Customer Service Representative
Support Shift Customer Service Representative

“I worked at [a large retailer], and they offered very little movement, very little recognition for the work you do, and it’s not very challenging. Here there’s more intrinsic reward, and you’re recognized.”

Tiffany, Support Shift Customer Service Representative

Opportunities to Advance

Once you get your foot in the door with an industry leader, you’ll be amazed at the tremendous variety of career paths available to you. Schneider has had Support Shift associates who:

  • Loved Support Shift so much they made a career out of it
  • Worked their way to senior leadership (like VP of Associate Relations and Talent Management Todd Jadin)
  • Switched shifts and moved all around the company to meet changing personal or family needs

Support Shift Customer Service Representative

“I love the flexibility, the different roles and the different parts of the business. If you aren’t completely satisfied in one role, you can find something where you are. I’ve been full-time, part-time, first shift, second shift and third shift — Schneider has always been flexible with me and my family’s needs.”

Megan, Support Shift Customer Service Representative

Whatever your career aspirations, accelerate them as a valuable member of Schneider’s Support Shift team.

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