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Your solutions have a real impact. Don’t get stuck in a think tank. With our Engineering career opportunities, you’ll enjoy the freedom to explore complex problems and propose creative solutions that are actually implemented. By joining Schneider, you will work in an award-winning Engineering, Operations Research and Data Science Department with buy-in from the entire enterprise.

Engineering Careers Snapshot

Optimization Engineer

As an Optimization Engineer, you will use operations research and statistical tools and techniques to analyze client operations as well as develop practical recommendations to solve our dynamic business challenges. Our Optimization Engineers develop strong client relationships and understand business processes to ensure the utilization of appropriate methods, models and tools —including Python — in the creation of practical solutions.

Advanced Analytics Analyst

Our Advanced Analytics Analysts create tools and applications that enable solutions for our enterprise. They create conceptual prototypes, test new concepts, deploy prototypes into the business and monitor their success and productivity. If you enjoy researching, making software recommendations and using open-source technical concepts — like Hadoop — to support the creation of tools and systems for use by technical and non-technical team members, this will be a great fit for you.

Data Science Engineer

Schneider’s Data Scientists use statistical and machine learning knowledge, and R data analysis software, to develop advanced analytical and predictive models. Those models deliver insights to “tell a story” in a way that is actionable by our customers to solve complex business problems. You will develop strong relationships with business partners to develop practical recommendations that get implemented – not just considered.

Successful candidates possess these skills

  • Schneider Engineering Skills Customer Focused
    Customer Focused
  • Schneider Engineering Skills Team Player
    Team Player
  • Schneider Engineering Skills Innovative
  • Schneider Engineering Skills Growth Oriented
    Growth Oriented
  • Schneider Engineering Skills Savvy

“I enjoy working in the logistics field, the environment is great and there are many opportunities for advancement.”

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Xini, Supply Chain Engineer
Xini Supply Chain Engineer

Engineering Careers Snapshot

Senior Optimization Engineer

As a Senior Optimization Engineer, you will collaborate with other engineers and senior business leaders to develop advanced models to solve complex business and logistical challenges. The emphasis of this role is to lead optimization projects and influence senior business leaders through the creation of innovative models and technical approaches. Our Senior Optimization Engineers also actively coach and develop junior level engineers.

Advanced Analytics Lead

The Advanced Analytics Lead is responsible for leading the creation of tools and applications that enable advanced analytics solutions within the enterprise. This role leads teams that create conceptual prototypes to test new concepts, develop advanced analytics systems to solve challenging business problems, deploy these tools and systems into the business and monitor their effectiveness and usefulness. This role is also responsible for leading the research and recommended use of purchased and open-source technologies and concepts that support the creation of tools and systems for use by technical and non-technical users.

Senior Data Scientist

As a Senior Data Scientist, you will lead the analytics and interpretation of big data to develop data-driven recommendations to solve business challenges in real time. You will collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams of engineers and analysts to gather and interpret unstructured data using scientific methods and developing and testing models. These models and recommendations are vital to the business’s ability to understand and predict customer behavior.

Successful candidates possess these skills

  • Schneider Engineering Skills Leadership
  • Schneider Engineering Skills Innovative
  • Schneider Engineering Skills Dynamic
  • Schneider Engineering Skills Solution Driven
    Solution Driven

“The people at Schneider are passionate and go above and beyond to deliver excellence. I feel that I have a community that provides exciting opportunities and the support to grow.”

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Chris, BI & Advanced Analytics Analyst
Christopher BI & Advanced Analytics Analyst
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Fun Facts:

Schneider planning systems evaluate approximately 500,000 driver shipment routing options per day, compared to U.S. commercial airlines only managing 60,000 takeoffs and landings per day

Our systems actively store enough data to back up the Library of Congress … twice!

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