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A truck driver holds a stack of $100 bills after payday

Truck driver pay

What you need to know about truck driver pay

Experienced drivers know it’s important to fully understand every aspect of their pay package. However, this can get confusing when you consider all the components that can affect your overall pay as a truck driver. Use this page as your starting point for understanding Schneider’s driver pay or visit our job search to research specific pay for specific jobs in your area.

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How much do truck drivers make?

Truck driver pay potential varies by each type of driving job, and all our job postings include both averages and the highest earning potential. Here’s the top earning potential for each type of driving job:

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    How are truck drivers paid?

    Truck driver pay can be broken up many different ways and depends on the type of truck driving job you choose. The following are the most common elements in Schneider’s truck driver pay packages:

    1. Base pay methods – The foundation of a great paycheck
      • Mileage pay – This rate will be represented in cents per mile (e.g., $0.50/mile).
      • Load pay – Set rate for each load you deliver (e.g., $50/load).
      • Hourly pay – Set rate per hour (e.g., $25/hour).
    2. Example:Regional (mileage emphasis) vs. Local (load emphasis) Intermodal pay

    3. Accessorial pay examples – Add-ons you earn
      • Loading/unloading pay – When you need to do it, get paid for it.
      • Detention pay – Your time still matters if you get hung up at a customer.
      • Stop-offs – If mileage is your base pay, you may still get additional pay per stop.

      Example: 25 percent of Tanker pay is accessorial (hands-on loading/unloading, tank wash, etc.)

    4. Performance pay and bonuses – The extra pay you deserve
      • Safety and fuel management – Up to $.04/mile at Schneider, paid weekly.
      • Sign-on bonuses – Available on many Schneider positions.
      • Referral bonuses – Unlimited referral potential, up to $1,500 per driver you refer to Schneider.

      Example: Schneider improves performance pay, adds automatic increases 

    5. The most overlooked compensation considerations – Don’t miss these!
      • Benefits package – Medical/dental/vision, 401(k) with match — it all adds up.
      • Growth opportunities– Quickly advance to training engineer and increase earnings.
      • Company perks – Tuition reimbursement, group discounts and facility network with free parking, laundry, showers, exercise rooms and more
    6. Example: Schneider’s unique truck driver benefits package

Schneider’s truck driver pay highlights

  1. An elite overall compensation package – We review our pay, benefits and other perks weekly to ensure our pay package is highly competitive.
  2. Job-specific pay plus performance pay – We have literally hundreds of different driver pay packages — not to confuse you, but so we pay every driver for the unique work they do, plus performance pay to reward those who do it well.
  3. Weekly Guarantee Pay - New drivers may earn a guaranteed amount of pay per week.
  4. Rewarding experience and longevityFirst year truck driver pay is different than experienced driver pay. That’s because the longer you’ve been driving, the more you can earn. Plus, long-time Schneider drivers enjoy rewards from our driver loyalty program, including exclusive membership in our Advantage Club.

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