Why Schneider?

Why Schneider?

From our extensive benefits packages to our support of veterans to our facility locations around the country, there are so many reasons to start or continue your logistics career at Schneider.

  • Schneider Diesel Mechanic Benefits


    Get more than you bargained for with our extensive benefits package.

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  • Schneider Diesel Mechanic Military


    Twenty-two percent of Schneider associates are veterans, so we know the importance of ensuring time off for training and service. No vacation time is required for drill, and Schneider will continue your pay and benefits for up to 18 months during deployment.

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  • Schneider Diesel Mechanic Job Location


    We have warehouse sites around the country. Find our nearest location to you.

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  • Schneider Diesel Mechanic Job FAQs


    We embrace transparent communication at Schneider and are happy to answer your questions so you can make the decision that best fits your career and personal goals.

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