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5 benefits of having a career in sales

A group of Schneider sales associates collaborate in a conference room.
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July 3, 2019

Starting your career in sales will create a strong launching pad for a successful future in business. The relationship building, negotiation and creativity you learn provide a solid foundation for future leadership roles that are needed in our everchanging business environment.

I recently had the opportunity to network with some of Schneider’s sales associates to learn about the benefits of a career in sales and why they love the work environment.

Schneider sales associates

Here’s why they think sales makes a good career.

Benefits of working in a sales role:

1. You can’t beat the compensation model

Sales is a great field for people who are motivated by money and willing to work hard. A sales role will drive you to develop new and nurture existing business to increase revenue for yourself and your company.

2. The role you start with is not where you will end your career

Sales positions are pivotal for the success of every business and provide a clear path to leadership. Sellers drive the revenue pipeline and business productivity for their companies.

Sales also teaches you some great skills, like communication and organization, that will help you became a great leader later in your career.

3. It’s a job that’s flexible

Sales associates enjoy a lot of freedom in structuring their own day around their personal passions, work style and the needs of their individual customers. Working in sales allows you to make your job what you want it to be.

4. It’s fun and never boring

Sales environments have a high-performance culture and put significant value on having fun in the office with inner office contests and incentives to sustain the high energy. If you love working with people, sales is the perfect job for you.

5. There’s a focus on innovation and technology

The current business environment is ever-changing. Technology assists sellers in pricing, supply/demand and future forecasting to assist in data-driven decision making.

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Ashley Carroll is a Corporate Recruiter at Schneider specializing in full-cycle recruitment, sourcing and project management. Ashley joined the Schneider team in February 2017 and is energized by the collaborative culture, flexibility and opportunities for advancement. She has nine years of recruitment and HR experience and is passionate about matching talent to the right Schneider opportunities.

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