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11 best trucker apps you should download for free today

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Technology continues to help make truck driving more efficient. The old saying, “work smarter not harder” is shown by truck drivers who use apps each day for truck driving purposes (but never while actually driving). 

Below, we’ve compiled 11 of the best trucker apps that can help with everything from finding a place to park to keeping track of your documents.  

Best overall trucking apps 

Trucker Path

Why it’s worth downloading:

  • Real-time parking availability at nearly 8,000 stops across the country.
  • Provides real-time fuel prices and available amenities at truck stops. 
  • Helps drivers optimize their route with real-time traffic updates. 
  • Allows drivers to search for weigh stations and see their wait times. 
  • Hosts a large forum so you can see reviews of certain stops from other truck drivers. 
  • Gives information on truck washes and other services along your route. 
  • Saves your navigation history. 

Pilot Flying J: myRewards

Why it’s worth downloading:

  • Gives drivers the ability to reserve spots and showers ahead of time. 
  • Provides exclusive deals, offers and discounts for drivers. 
  • Has an extensive loyalty program with redeemable points for purchases made at Pilot Flying J.
  • Provides up-to-date information on fuel prices, amenities and parking spots at locations. 
  • Offers the ability to find nearby locations and plan routes.
  • Saves all digital receipts.
  • Provides a free drink after sign-up and free shower rewards over time. 

Best navigation apps for truck drivers

Google Maps

Why it’s worth downloading:

  • Allows drivers to easily find points of interest like fuel stations, rest areas and restaurants. 
  • Provides real-time traffic updates.
  • Has satellite imagery and a street view to help drivers scout their destinations. 
  • Saves your search history and favorite locations. 
  • Provides real-time fuel prices at truck stops. 

DOT 511

Why it’s worth downloading:

  • Shows real-time updates and alerts for a state’s major highways and interstates. 
  • Provides up-to-date weather information and alerts, including severe weather warnings.
  • Gives drivers the ability to view current road conditions and prepare for construction, accidents or closures.
  • Provides the ability to see traffic cameras in certain locations. 
  • Has contact information for emergency services and highway patrol.
  • Gives drivers the ability to report any hazards they encounter.

iExit Interstate Highway Guide

Why it’s worth downloading:

  • Tells drivers which exits are truck-friendly.
  • Provides real-time updates on exits along your route.
  • Details the food, parking and restroom options at each exit.
  • Allows drivers to search for specific locations, like Pilot Flying J. 
  • Provides information on fuel prices, traffic conditions and road closures. 

Best weather apps for truckers

The Weather Channel

Why it’s worth downloading:

  • Shows real-time local weather updates wherever you are.
  • Gives drivers access to hourly and 10-day forecasts for any area. 
  • Provides customizable severe weather alerts for tornadoes, thunderstorms and flooding. 
  • Has a radar to track weather patterns.
  • Has a widget that can be added to phone’s home screen for quick updates.
  • Lets drivers track extra information like air quality and sunrise/sunset times.

Why it’s worth downloading:

  • Gives real-time weather updates for any location.
  • Has detailed weather data, like wind speed and wind direction. 
  • Has the ability to set up alerts for wind warnings. 
  • Includes access to a variety of detailed forecasts and radars. 
  • Has an offline mode that can be used to check weather without internet connection. 

Best utility apps for truck drivers

Weigh My Truck

Why it’s worth downloading:

  • Provides a quick, easy way to find CAT scales.
  • Updates scale statuses in real time.
  • Offers ability to save favorite scale locations. 
  • Provides instant weight information for each axle on a driver’s truck. 
  • Sends emails and creates printable receipts. 
  • Allows drivers to pay directly from their phone.

Trucker’s Slide Calc

Why it’s worth downloading:

  • Has an easy-to-use interface and simple design. 
  • Provides a clear diagram of axle positions and weights.
  • Calculates axle positions quickly and accurately.
  • Works for both loaded and unloaded trailers.
  • Does not require any internet connection.
  • Saves your last input values. 

Best personal health truck driving apps


Why it’s worth downloading:

  • Allows drivers to log the food they eat and track their calories.
  • Has the ability to scan barcodes on food and drink products for easier logging.
  • Offers the ability to track physical activity.
  • Provides a detailed nutrient breakdown for food. 
  • Syncs with other apps like Fitbit and Apple Health. 

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Why it’s worth downloading:

  • Lets drivers track what they eat and their calorie and weight loss goals.
  • Provides a simple, user-friendly interface.
  • Sends reminders for meals, exercise and weigh-ins. 
  • Has an image recognition feature that allows drivers to log food through quick photos. 

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