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What is life like as a Schneider Team truck driver?

A married couple poses with their truck as Schneider team drivers.

Whether you’re looking to spend more quality time with a loved one or simply enjoy a bigger payday, teaming up with a partner as a Team truck driver has plenty of perks. Schneider employs more than 660 teams who have found that they can rack up more miles and more money by traveling with a co-driver. Here are some reasons that joining Schneider as a team can really pay off — as told by current Schneider Team drivers:

Schneider offers two ways to find the right co-driver: get paired up through our Team Matching Program, bring an experienced driver.

Retired teacher Cheryl trained as a driver in order to join her husband on the road.

“Honey, I’m going to go get my CDL and we’re going to hit the road.” –
Cheryl McGauvran, Team driver with husband Perry.
Driving as a team allows you and your partner to spend time together and support each other. You’ll never feel alone on the road.
“We love being out there together. There’s not a lot of jobs where you can do that.” –
Dianna Clark, Team driver with husband, Jerry.
“We depend a lot on each other, and we’re always there for each other. That’s why we’re out here and what I would miss most if we weren’t together on the road.” –
Perry McGauvran, Team driver with wife, Cheryl.
Ricky grew up admiring his dad’s life on the road. He jumped at the opportunity to experience driving side by side with his father.
“I would love to get a million miles out here with my dad before he hangs up his keys.” –
Ricky Lograsso, Team driver with father Rick.
Team driving with Schneider provides you with the training and benefits that make your career worthwhile.
“As drivers you need to be problem solvers and good with time management, but we have the luxury of working with wonderful driver business leaders. They make sure you get to where you need to be on time, but just as important, treat you as a person, part of the family.” –
Sharon Nader, Team driver with her husband Joe.
“The training is thorough and it’s what everyone needs to drive a truck safely. They give you all the training you could need … I knew it was a good career. With the hopes of being somewhere until I retire, I knew it was a good company to be with because of the great benefits.” –
Marsha Cummings, Team driver with husband Ellery.

Could Team driving be for you?

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