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A closer look at Schneider’s health and wellness culture

A treadmill, elliptical, stair stepper and weight rack line one corner of a fitness room at a Schneider facility in Indianapolis

Here at Schneider, we are more than a team of dedicated workers who pull in great results. We are also a team that truly and deeply cares about the health and well-being of one another. That’s why we aspire to be the healthiest transportation and logistics company in the world, with active and energized associates who are motivated to maintain and improve their wellness.

We don’t want our drivers to settle for simply managing disease. We don’t want them to worry about being able to pass their Department of Transportation physicals. We aim to overcome health obstacles together, and that sincere desire has driven Schneider to create one of the top driver wellness programs in the nation.

This multidimensional program offers something for everyone, providing solutions across the health care continuum. We help those who are currently in top physical condition maintain their health, while also serving drivers who want – or need – assistance in dealing with chronic, disabling and even dire conditions.

Schneider’s wellness offerings include:

  • Easy access to fitness centers and walking trails at many of our facilities across the country.
  • Motivational weight loss and weight maintenance challenges, like Shape Up Schneider and Maintain Don’t Gain.
  • Lifestyle coaching.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Free on-site ergonomic services.
  • Nurse line.
  • Smoking cessation program.
  • Sleep disorder testing and treatment (e.g., sleep apnea).

In the unfortunate scenario where a driver faces a health condition that is more serious than day-to-day well-being, Schneider is there too. We are committed to helping associates resume an active and productive work life following injury or illness. We also assist in disease management, case management and voluntary disability.

If you’re wondering if Schneider’s health program is a “here today, gone tomorrow” trend, I can assure you it is anything but that. Health – like safety – has always been a priority for Schneider. Both are ingrained into the fabric of our culture. In fact, former CEO Don Schneider himself was an early adopter of the standing desk in the 1990s.

The reason we’re so dedicated to the well-being of our drivers is because we understand that driver health directly affects our associates’ performance and happiness, both on the road and at home.

Our Indianapolis-based associates, for example, are especially energized and engaged, and they attribute their high morale to their exceptional health and wellness culture. In Indy, it’s common to see drivers exercising or engaging with their therapist. This culture has also helped these associates live happier, healthier lives away from work too. And nothing could make us happier than hearing that!

At Schneider, we don’t just deliver the goods. We deliver healthy lifestyles.

Your wellness matters

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Having been at Schneider since 1991, Christine Schneider, Schneider’s Health and Wellness Manager, understands the issues drivers face when it comes to making healthy choices. In her role, she oversees the company’s wellness program, working with drivers to educate them on the importance of wellness and how making lifestyle choices will help prevent illness and injury. Additionally, Christine is the manager of the Leave Administration team, which assists and supports associates who are off work because of a medical condition or who are caring for an ill family member.

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