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Elsie Santiago's perspective: Females in warehousing jobs

Elsie stands next to a Schneider display on the wall of the warehouse facility she works at

Plain and simple, working in a warehouse is tough. It requires more than just physical labor. Team work, creative problem solving skills and time management are just a few of the necessities to running an efficient warehouse.

As these skills are becoming more important, more females are taking warehouse jobs and making a huge impact in the industry.

Elsie Santiago is an example of a woman who’s had an incredible journey at one of Schneider’s warehouses. She joined the team in October 2015 as a Loader/Unloader, and now she is a Team Leader at the Savannah, Ga. warehouse.

Elsie shares her experiences, describes how females in warehousing are making an impact and illustrates how the warehouse opportunities at Schneider are endless.

Is it common to see females working in the warehouse?

“Times have definitely changed. I have met many women in this industry and they are all driven by different motivations. In my case, I started warehousing because it was the first job I was able to get when I came to Savannah. I am originally from Puerto Rico. I did not know what to expect or what I was going up against. Every day was a new challenge that I embraced and, in time, I was able to move my way up to the position that I am in now.”

Is there a job in the warehouse that a female cannot succeed at?

“Absolutely not! Some positions can more challenging than others for females, but we always find a way to understand our role within the company and adapt to get the job done. Women are typically more open to suggestions and feedback from peers and coworkers, and I think that plays a great part in our accomplishments.”

Why is it a positive thing to have more women in the warehousing industry?

“Like in all things, I think there should be a balance of men and women. Females can bring another perspective to the daily operations. We are naturally born multi-taskers. It also shows that the warehouse industry has changed from a male-dominated industry.”

Are you the only female leader at your location?

“There is another female Team Leader and a female Sr. Operations Manager on our campus.”

Does Schneider encourage women to apply for warehouse jobs?

“Yes, Schneider encourages women to work here. Schneider is a company that strives for diversity and inclusion for all.”

What is the future for females in warehousing?

“The possibilities are endless for females. A woman can be placed in any position and work her way up with the right career plan, mentoring and training within any company. If a woman can run for president of the United States, she can very well be the president of any warehousing company.”

Interested in a warehousing career?

Apply to be part of the evolving warehousing industry at Schneider and see where you could make a difference.

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Hailey is the Sr. Human Resources Business Partner for Schneider’s Import/Export division located in Savannah, Ga. Originally from Kentucky, Hailey moved to Savannah to join the Schneider team in July 2016. She enjoys traveling, competing in CrossFit and beach days.

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