Meet a career with millions of right moves.

A career that really stacks up.

Schneider has about 56,000 trailers and containers. All of them need to be loaded and unloaded, to move freight around the country — from manufacturer to retailer to consumer. It's a big job, and you can play a big role.

Schneider’s Warehouse opportunities feature:

Warehouse Associates
Load or unload a variety of freight from trailers, operate equipment and progress to supervisor.
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Quality Control Clerks
Ensure orders are filled and picked properly, applying labels and managing freight within the warehouse.
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Desk Clerks
Support operations by processing all driver transactions, billing/invoicing and freight assignments.
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Warehouse Associate Lead
Serve as the subject matter expert in the warehouse, leading associates, with ongoing leadership potential.
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Schneider’s Warehouse Leadership feature:

Warehouse Supervisor
Interact with associates to provide assignment status, goal review, recognition and coaching.
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Operations Manager
Provide ongoing direction and leadership to internal Schneider Warehouse teams to ensure superior business results.
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Facility Manager
Execute and drive overall operations in order to meet customer expectations, as well as Schneider business goals and objectives.
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Why Warehouse?

We hear it all the time: Warehouse careers aren’t glamorous, but they’re surprisingly fulfilling. It’s amazing how many people end up in the Warehouse almost by accident, and then choose to stay on purpose. Warehouses are like the gears to the economy, and without great people like you, the economy would come to a screeching halt. Step up to something big.

Why Schneider?

Schneider has led the trucking industry since 1935, and our logistics division was created in 1993. We were awarded the largest logistics industry contract ever awarded in 1994, and we’ve grown ever since — now boasting 2 million square feet of warehouse/transload/cross-dock space operated. We’re in it for the long haul, and we’re excited for you to be part of our great Warehouse growth opportunities. You’ll enjoy using leading technology to get the job done more efficiently as you work together with your team to meet your goals.

“I wasn’t so much interested in warehouse work … but now I’m totally invested. Now this is going to be my career. One of the things I like at Schneider is you can see people get promoted up. That’s one of the things that always motivated me.”

Ryan, Warehouse AssociateRyan
Seasonal Supervisor