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How to write a sales resume: A 5-step guide and examples

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A well-crafted sales resume is your chance to catch the attention of potential employers. It gives you an opportunity to show them why your expertise, achievements and knowledge make you a good fit for the role you’re applying for. 

From displaying your contact information to listing your job experience, learn how to write a sales resume and see a few examples for reference.  

Writing a sales resume: 5 must-have sections 

1. Header.

Having a header makes it easy for recruiters to find your contact information and get in touch with you about an interview.

At the top of your resume, add a header that displays your:

  • Name.
  • Phone number.
  • Email.

  • Address (optional).

How to format: 

Type your name in a large, easy-to-read font. List your contact information under your name. 

2. Professional summary.

Next, highlight your relevant work experience and professional accomplishments. Include:

  • The years of experience you have in a similar role (for mid- to senior-level positions).
  • A few responsibilities you’ve had before that align with the role you’re applying for.
  • Any metrics that prove you have a track record of driving revenue growth and exceeding sales quotas.

If you don’t have any sales experience yet, tie in relevant responsibilities from internships or customer-facing roles you’ve had before.

How to format:  

Your professional summary should be two or three sentences long.

 3. Sales skills.

Having a section that focuses on your sales skills will capture the attention of recruiters and show them you have what it takes to do the job.

Some sales-focused skills you could list on your resume include:

  • Negotiation techniques.
  • Communication skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Technical aptitude.

How to format:

Use bullet points to list skills on your resume. You can include this section on the side of your resume or right under your professional summary.

4. Relevant work experience.

Your work experience provides recruiters with a comprehensive overview of your professional background. This section will help them determine if you meet the qualifications of the role you applied for.

If you don’t have sales experience yet, include any customer-facing roles you’ve held. This can include positions like:

  • A server.
  • A barista.
  • A retail associate.

If you recently graduated from college, you could also include professional organizations or internships you participated in that are relevant to the role you’re applying for.

How to format:

Start with your most recent position, and then work your way backward. Each role you list should include:

  • Your job title.
  • The name of the company you worked/work for.
  • The dates (month and year) you were/are employed at the company.
  • Your job responsibilities.

When listing your job experiences, start each bullet point with an action verb and put a period at the end of each sentence. Use present tense for your current job and past tense for previous work experience.  

5. Educational background.

Lastly, write the formal level of education you’ve received and any degrees you’ve earned. This shows the recruiter if you meet the role’s educational requirements.

How to format:

Start with the highest level of education you've received and detail:

  • The type of degree you have.
  • The name of the educational institution.
  • The years you attended school.

Your educational background can be placed at the bottom of your resume or in a separate section on the side.

Examples of sales resumes 

Entry-level resume example 

Mike Sullivan

567-890-1244 | | Phoenix, AZ 85011

Professional summary

I am a sales professional with experience in prospecting, cold calling and building customer relationships.


  • Strong ability to develop business relationships.
  • Proficient in written and verbal communication.
  • Outstanding attention to detail.
  • Excellent multitasking skills.


Sales intern | XYZ Company | May 2023-August 2023

  • Prospected customers and made 20 outbound calls per day to develop new sales opportunities.
  • Communicated with customers to ensure a positive experience.
  • Assisted the sales team with negotiating rates and setting up meetings.

Treasurer | XYZ Business Group | August 2022-May 2024

  • Managed the group’s financial resources, including budgeting and tracking expenses.
  • Oversaw fundraising activities to support the financial needs of the organization.
  • Compiled and presented financial reports to ensure long-term financial stability and growth.

Retail associate | XYZ Company | December 2018-August 2022

  • Provided exceptional customer service by assisting shoppers, answering questions and offering product recommendations.
  • Promoted special in-store offers to help exceed the store’s sales quotas.
  • Arranged displays, restocked and organized merchandise.


Bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing, ABC College, 2020-2024

High school diploma, ABC High School, 2016-2020.

Senior-level resume example

Lisa Stevenson

321-098-7654 | | Charolette, NC 28202

Professional summary

I am a motivated and results-driven sales professional with more than 10 years of experience driving revenue growth and managing high-performing sales teams.


  • Experience leading successful sales teams.
  • Strong knowledge of sales management systems.
  • Excellent sales and negotiation strategies.
  • Outstanding project management and decision-making skills.


Sales manager | XYZ Company | August 2017-Present

  • Lead a team of 10 sales representatives and provide support throughout deals.
  • Oversee 20 accounts that generate more than $30 million in yearly revenue.
  • Track and analyze the quality of sales leads and develop new processes to grow customer pipelines.
  • Implement innovative sales strategies, resulting in a 12% increase in overall sales revenue.

Sales representative | XYZ Company | August 2013-2017

  • Surpassed monthly sales targets by 15%.
  • Prospected and cold called to develop new sales opportunities.
  • Managed relationships with existing clients.
  • Used technology to provide clear solutions to customers.


Bachelor’s degree in business administration, ABC College, 2009-2013

High school diploma, ABC High School, 2005-2009.

Ace your sales interview.

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