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What is life like as a Regional truck driver at Schneider?

Learn all about being a Regional truck driver at Schneider.

Being a truck driver doesn’t mean you never get time at home. On the contrary, Schneider offers a huge variety of truck driving jobs, so you can find one with the amount of home time you desire.

One driving style – regional – is specifically known for its frequent home time. Regional truck drivers at Schneider typically get home every week, if not more, which is just one of the perks that comes with this line of service.

Learn more about what being a Regional truck driver at Schneider entails and the benefits that come along with it.

What is considered regional driving?

Regional truck drivers are classified as such because of how far they haul freight. These types of drivers are assigned loads within one specific area or region of the country.

Because regional truck drivers stay within one certain area, they are typically closer to home which usually means they get home more often.

What is the difference between over-the-road and regional?

The difference between Over-the-Road and Regional truck drivers at Schneider is their average length of haul. Over-the-Road Schneider drivers can travel the entire country and sometimes even Canada.

Regional drivers usually stay in about a 750-mile radius of home.

What type of freight do regional drivers haul?

Regional drivers can choose what type of freight they want to haul. Options at Schneider include:

Van Truckload

This is Schneider’s biggest and most diverse network. Regional VTL drivers haul standard 53-foot trailers filled with dry van freight.


Regional Dedicated drivers are assigned to one customer that they haul for, which creates consistency many drivers love.


Hauling containers to and from rail yards is the norm for Regional Intermodal drivers at Schneider.


Regional Tanker drivers are some of the highest paid in our fleet and haul 75% non-hazardous loads.

How much do Regional truck drivers make at Schneider?

How much you make as a Regional truck driver at Schneider varies from driver to driver. For example, Regional Dedicated truck drivers can earn up to $80,000 annually, while Regional Intermodal drivers can make $85,000 each year.

To get a better idea of how much a specific regional driver makes in a role you might be interested in:

  • Click on an available regional driving job in your area that you’re interested in.
  • What top drivers earn and the average pay for that specific position will be listed within the job description.

Ready to become a regional truck driver?

If you’re interested in a regional driving job, start searching for opportunities in your area at Schneider.

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