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No-touch freight driving jobs: What you need to know

Truck parked at a loading dock with no-touch freight

What type of freight should you haul? That’s one of the most common factors many truck drivers consider when choosing a driving job. Specifically, if you’re looking at a job, you may ask, “Do truck drivers have to load and unload that freight?”

That question leads many drivers to consider no-touch freight driving jobs, which we’ll describe and help you evaluate here.

What does no-touch freight mean?

No-touch freight is freight that truck drivers do not load or unload themselves.

That could mean the shipper’s or consignee’s employees or warehouse workers load or unload a trailer/container parked at a loading dock while the driver rests in the truck cab. It could also mean drop-and-hook freight for drivers at trucking companies with large trailer and container pools.

What does drop-and-hook mean in trucking?

Drop-and-hook freight means a truck driver will drop off a loaded/unloaded trailer or container at a customer yard or warehouse lot and then hook up to another trailer or container without touching the freight or waiting for a loading/unloading process.

You can think of it this way: All drop-and-hook freight is no-touch freight, but not all no-touch freight is drop-and-hook.

What to consider with no-touch freight and drop-and-hook driving jobs

Rows of Schneider trailers

Many truck drivers seek out no-touch and drop-and-hook freight, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Does the trucking company have enough trailers and containers to support regular no-touch freight? Just as many drivers prefer not waiting to be loaded and unloaded, many customers prefer trailer/container pools to load/unload freight on their schedule.
  • Is the company up-front about how much freight will be no-touch? Some companies offer 100 percent no-touch freight options, while others (typically smaller carriers without trailer/container pools) are not able to offer as many options. Check each job description for details.
  • Do you really want no-touch freight? Some drivers prefer the change of pace from driving, the loading/unloading pay and the physical fitness challenge of “touching” freight. You’ll have to make the best call for you.

Does Schneider offer no-touch freight driving jobs?

Yes, Schneider’s no-touch driving jobs are still hiring during the coronavirus pandemic.

What you can expect with each of our types of freight:

  • Van Truckload: Many of these Regional and Over-the-Road positions feature 95 percent no-touch freight from Schneider’s huge network.
  • Intermodal: Since freight travels by both truck and train, it’s often designed to be drop-and-hook, so you’ll spend less time at loading docks.
  • Dedicated: The percentage of no-touch or drop-and-hook freight will depend entirely on the customer. Some are 100 percent no-touch, while others may be 100 percent hand load/unload.
  • Tanker: This is Schneider’s most hands-on work opportunity with drivers regularly involved in the unloading process with pumps and hoses. Schneider’s Tanker drivers’ paychecks reflect the extra hands-on work they perform.

Each truck driving job description will outline the nature of the freight you’ll haul and how much you can expect to touch it.

No-touch freight truck driving jobs near you

Search your ZIP or postal code to explore job postings near you and read the descriptions to understand more about the freight you’ll haul.

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