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Maintain Don't Gain: Schneider's Healthy Holiday Challenge

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For over eight years Schneider associates have been participating in a holiday health and wellness challenge called Maintain Don’t Gain. What started as a small group of associates trying to find a fun way to challenge each other to look for ways to keep the holiday weight gain from creeping up on them, has led to an annual companywide healthy holiday challenge — with a chance to win $500 for a favorite charity.

What is Maintain Don't Gain?

The holiday season presents one of the most challenging times to maintain or even lose weight. It's weeks of more alcohol, snacks, appetizers and finger foods than usual. The average person gains one to two pounds. Ten percent of people gain five pounds or more. Those small increases can accumulate into weight we can’t (or don't) burn off later.

The goal of the Maintain Don't Gain! challenge is to maintain pre-holiday weight – within two pounds – from Thanksgiving through the New Year.
The Maintain Don't Gain holiday challenge can help Schneider associates set and achieve meaningful goals around weight. Although the program begins during the holiday season, it teaches participants to think in a healthful way all year-round.
As an added bonus, the Schneider Foundation donates $500 to a food pantry or homeless shelter on behalf of one lucky participant. Each participant who maintains or does not gain more than two pounds has their name entered into a drawing. The winner receives a $500 donation to the charity of their choice.

Maintain Don’t Gain is one of several challenges Schneider coordinates for our associates to align with our health and wellness culture. The timing complements our annual Shape Up Schneider fitness event that takes place in early summer. We’ve found that our operating centers like bragging rights for winning the events with the most activity, weight loss or participation.

The Maintain Don’t Gain healthy holiday challenge offers the opportunity to give back in a meaningful way. The past winners have been excited to share their donation with charities that are meaningful to them.

Even if you’re not a Schneider associate yet, we invite you to make it a goal to at least maintain your weight this holiday season.

We understand the importance of giving back.

Learn more about what the Schneider Foundation does to help the community.
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Having been at Schneider since 1991, Christine Schneider, Schneider’s Health and Wellness Manager, understands the issues drivers face when it comes to making healthy choices. In her role, she oversees the company’s wellness program, working with drivers to educate them on the importance of wellness and how making lifestyle choices will help prevent illness and injury. Additionally, Christine is the manager of the Leave Administration team, which assists and supports associates who are off work because of a medical condition or who are caring for an ill family member.

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