Hiring Secrets: The Most Overlooked Job Interview Tips

By Sarah Wehling Apr 4, 2016

Looking for a first job or a new job is not easy and interviews can be stressful. You spend countless hours job searching online, filling out applications, networking with friends, maybe even pay for a plane to fly a banner with your number. Okay, maybe not that, but you get the point.

I am sharing some simple job interview tips to help you on your next interview. I have been interviewing for over 13 years and am sharing secrets from the hiring side to help you. It’s basic, but often times it’s the basic things that are overlooked.

Job Interview Tip 1: Prepare, prepare and prepare again

Alexander Graham Bell said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Your interview starts far before you walk in. It is hard to get an interview, so take time before your interview to research and prepare to ensure you get the job you want.

  • Research the company and position, have a good understanding of what the company does and be ready for the interviewers to ask why you are interested in them and the role. Take time to look at the company website and social media pages — that information is online for you.
  • Review your resume with a friend, family member or professional to be ready to discuss your work history and what you are excited to do with your career. The more you review and discuss your resume, the easier it will be to talk about in the interview.
  • Prepare several questions that help you understand the role and company better so you can make an informed choice if a position is offered. Some examples below:
    • What does the training look like?
    • What is a normal day/week like in this role?
    • What do the first 90 days look like for you for an exceptional candidate?
    • What major goals is the company working on now?

Job Interview Tip 2: To be early, is to be on time

There are several reasons to be early for your interview. You don’t want to be lost or rushed — check in 10 minutes early, and take time gather your thoughts so you’ll be ready for your interview. Being early is also important to take time to watch people in the lobby; are they happy, friendly or grumpy? They could be your future coworkers. It also shows respect for the company that is taking time to interview you — being a little early shows them you respect their time and appreciate the opportunity.

Job Interview Tip 3: Sell yourself

If you want the job, make sure each interviewer you meet knows you are thankful for the opportunity and you want this job! It doesn’t matter if you are interviewing for accounting, operations or sales; you don’t want a company to guess if you want a role and what you bring to the table. Sell yourself at the end, and send a thank you email or card. You will need to ask for business cards from the interviewees at the end of your interview.

If you no longer want the position after the interview, it is okay to politely say thank you and decline the offer if it is given.

Companies want to hire the best candidate for their opening. They understand that interviews can be stressful, and shouldn’t make the process extra stressful for you. Use this information on your next interview, and remember you are interviewing the company as well.

Good Luck!

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Based on your experiences, what are your best job interview tips?


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Sarah Wehling, a University of Wisconsin-Whitewater graduate, is the Senior Recruiting Manager for Schneider’s 3PL division, Schneider Transportation Management. Prior to joining Schneider, Sarah had been recruiting for 12 years both in the military and in the private sector.

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