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Commonly asked questions in Schneider interviews

Associates and interview candidates pose together at a Schneider facility.

As a Corporate Recruiter who interviews job candidates daily, I get many questions about specific job expectations and the skills needed to excel in the role they are considering. My job is to paint the bigger picture of Schneider and what we do while answering the candidate’s questions.

Schneider has a reputation associates are extremely proud of, and recruiters are excited to share the organization’s history, vision, core values and goals – topics we put into action every day.

If you have an interview at Schneider coming up, here are some examples of candidates’ most commonly-asked questions in Schneider interviews.

Top 5 commonly-asked questions in Schneider interviews

1. What is the best part of working at Schneider?

The best part about working here is different for everyone, of course, but when I’m asked this question, I talk about Schneider’s culture! The culture is friendly and family-oriented, but it is also an environment where we strive for excellence in everything we do to ensure we are the best. We are go-getters!

I am so passionate about our culture and what we exude that I was able to assist in creating a video as a glimpse of what to expect when joining our team.

Watch the video on YouTube.

2. Is there a work-life balance at Schneider?

One would think that because we are a leader in the trucking industry, that we never rest. Being a 24-7-365 operation can give off that impression, but here, we ensure associates have balance. Schneider is flexible and willing to work around what you need to ensure your work-life balance is healthy.

Schneider offers part-time roles, remote-work roles and hours that can flex around your schedule.

3. Does Schneider offer benefits?

Depending on what type of role you applied for will determine what types of benefits you will have access to. Your recruiter can give you a better idea in the interview of the benefits you can take advantage of. Or, for a high-level view, follow the link the role you applied for falls under:

4. Does Schneider offer training?

Schneider offers in-depth training. The structure of training varies based on your role – options include: on-the-job, classroom, online courses and reading.

Associates also have access to:

5. What are the next steps after a phone interview with a Corporate Recruiter?

Some of the most commonly-asked questions in Schneider interviews relate to what to expect throughout the interview process.

The phone interview will consist of going through your resume, work experience and a series of behavioral-based interview questions. As you are answering those questions, the recruiter takes notes on your answers, which are then provided to the hiring team.

After the phone interview, we send the notes and your resume onto the hiring team. The hiring team decides after reviewing the notes if they want to proceed to the next step: an in-person interview with the hiring manager and team.

I always stress to candidates to check both their voicemail and email, as we will get back to you either way to let you know if we are or are not moving forward with your application.

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