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Schneider's Presidential Awards recognize 134 associates

Schneider Presidential Award Recipients

Schneider works hard at associate recognition, and the annual Presidential Awards is one way we do that.

The annual Presidential Awards celebration was held in February in Green Bay, Wis., home to Schneider’s world headquarters, to recognize and celebrate the achievements of 134 Schneider associates who were nominated by their colleagues for associate awards.

There are five types of Presidential Awards: Operational Excellence, Customer Service, Safety, Living Orange and Orange Heart.

Operational excellence

Mark Rourke, Chief Operating Officer, kicked off the celebration by presenting three individual and seven group awards to 94 associates in recognition of their work in the Operational Excellence category, which focuses on the path to low cost and superior service. This award recognizes the efforts of Schneider associates in the day-to-day integration of Excellence at Work philosophies, methods and tools. The individuals and teams who received associate recognition were:

  • Centralized Driver Field Recruiting Team.
  • Patrick Dequaine.
  • Elwood Schneider Logistics Transportation.
  • INS Risk Subrogation Team.
  • Maintenance System Team.
  • Orange Hub Team.
  • David Price.
  • Jake Ross.
  • SOS – Schneider Overnight Service Project Team.
  • Verizon Project Team.

Customer service

Steve Matheys, Chief Administration Officer, took the podium next to recognize 21 associates for their achievements in Customer Service. Our founder, Al Schneider, famously said, “All we have to offer is service,” and we have fostered that belief ever since. The premise of the Customer Service award is to always give customers more than they expect – which is exactly what the individuals and teams who received associate recognition have accomplished:

  • Sole Source and Promotion Customer Service Leaders.
  • David Stack III.
  • U.S. Venture Team.
  • Julie Gibbons.
  • Chip Hill.
  • Johnson & Johnson Team.
  • Nalco Customer Service Team.


Shaleen Devgun, Chief Information Officer, recognized one individual and four teams for their commitment to our number one core value: Safety First and Always. The associate award winners were:

  • Patty Seidl.
  • Walmart Bedford Operations Group.
  • Edwardsville Operating Center Ops Team.
  • Houston Operating Center.

Living Orange and Orange Heart

LuEllen Oskey, Director of Executive Administration, closed the evening by presenting the Orange Heart Award and the Living Orange Award. The recognized individuals went above and beyond the call of duty to help fellow associates and community members – from helping out drivers during the Louisiana flooding, to coming to the aid of an injured driver involved in a car accident. These outstanding associates were:

  • Tiffany Cunningham.
  • John Mack.

All of these individuals and teams exemplify our core values of Safety, Integrity, Respect and Excellence. The commitment and dedication of these award-winning associates is commended and applauded, and it’s an important part of Schneider’s culture that values associate recognition.

Join our award-winning team.

At Schneider, we recognize associates for putting in hard work and extra effort. Apply for a company where you’ll be awarded for going the extra mile.

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