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Schneider’s CDL Apprenticeship Training – schedule, perks and more

A Schneider Training Instructor wearing a tan shirt and black pants stands in front of a classroom full of truck driving students who are seated and wearing neon safety vests.
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October 21, 2021

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Schneider believes that getting your CDL and starting your truck driving career shouldn’t have to be expensive or difficult. That’s why we’ve created the CDL Apprenticeship Training (CAT) program.

This unique CDL training program allows new drivers to get paid, on-the-job truck driver training while they prepare to obtain their Class A license.

Overview of Schneider’s CAT program

Schneider’s CDL Apprenticeship Training (CAT) is a paid five-week training program that includes a mix of classroom, yard and in-cab training to ensure that new drivers are fully prepared to obtain their CDL and start their driving careers.

Before training can begin, new drivers must complete a few onboarding tasks like:

In addition to the above tasks, we also require that candidates taking part in the CAT program sign a contract agreeing that they will train and work with Schneider for the next nine months.

Breakdown of CAT training schedule

During this five-week program, new drivers will spend about nine hours each day training while earning a daily pay rate with weekly paychecks.

A truck driving student wearing a neon safety vest sits behind the wheel of a training simulator while a driver instructor wearing a tan shirt and neon safety vest watches over his shoulder.

Here is what you can expect when you take part in the CAT program:

Week one

The first week of training is a time to learn the basics of truck driving. During this week, Schneider’s CAT participants will:

  • Complete new driver tasks: Candidates will take part in a Pre-Work Screen and fill out new hire paperwork.
  • Start classroom training: Beginning with textbook training, drivers will learn about DOT regulations and company policies.
  • Train on driving simulators: You’ll get to safely practice unique maneuvers and react to specific situations that may occur on the road.
  • Begin truck training: Go out in the truck yard and get to know the ins and outs of the equipment you’ll be using every day.

Week two

As the program continues, driving candidates will get more hands-on with training. During week two, CAT candidates will:

  • Continue classroom and truck training: Expand upon the safety procedures and equipment training introduced in week one.
  • Take the Qualifications Road Test (QRT).
A training engineer wearing a tan shirt, neon vest and dark pants instructs a driving student as he backs a white semi-truck hauling an orange trailer in the truck yard.

Weeks three and four

Now that new drivers have learned the basics of truck driving through classroom and yard training, they’ll get the chance to put their new skills to use on the road.

  • Hit the road with a Training Engineer: Drivers can expect to drive about 80% of the time they are with Training Engineers.

Week five

  • Take your CDL road test.
  • Transition to your official Schneider driving job: Meet your driver leader, get your truck and find out your driving account assignment.

Where does training take place?

The CDL Apprenticeship Training (CAT) program is offered at a variety of Schneider facilities, including:

  • Charlotte, NC.
  • Chicago, IL.
  • Indianapolis, IN.
  • Wilmer, TX.

Training locations vary based upon the line of business or account you intend to work with. Schneider also assists new drivers with arranging and paying for transportation to training facilities.

Additional benefits of Schneider’s CAT program

On top of receiving company-paid CDL training, Schneider CAT candidates can also expect to:

  • Train on state-of-the-art automated transmission trucks.
  • Drive with experienced Over-the-Road trainers.
  • Get more experience on the road before completing your CDL road test.
  • Receive two meals per day during classroom training.
  • Stay in single occupancy lodging provided by Schneider.

Want to take part in Schneider’s CDL Apprenticeship Training program?

Start your driving career off right at Schneider by applying for one of our many positions that offer CDL Apprenticeship Training. Search jobs near you and apply today.

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