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How Schneider's Driver Transfer Team helps drivers find their ideal career

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Changing driving jobs can get a little complicated, as drivers often believe they have to switch companies to transfer into a new driving position. However, this isn’t the case at Schneider.

We’ve created a team of recruiters called the Driver Transfer Team that are dedicated to helping current drivers transfer to a new Schneider driving job without having to leave the company they love.

What is Schneider’s Driver Transfer Team?

Schneider’s Driver Transfer Team was created in 2020 and was designed to help drivers who are looking to change driving jobs and explore their career options. The Driver Transfer Team helps roughly 35 drivers per week transfer to new driving jobs.

“We wanted to create a consistent transfer process for drivers,” Driver Recruiting Manager Tim Buhrandt said. “This helps create a better driver experience and meet the drivers’ needs."

Now, thanks to the Driver Transfer Team, if a driver wants to find a driving job that better fits their needs, they can make a switch without having to start from square one at a new company.

“I believe the transfer program shows that Schneider cares a lot about their drivers,” Recruiting Specialist Ger Yang said. “This program gives them the opportunity to explore other driver positions or lines of businesses.”

4 Benefits of the Driver Transfer Team

1. Discover more opportunities for growth.

    At Schneider, we won’t limit your opportunities. We understand that life changes, and we are dedicated to supporting you throughout those changes. So we want to make it as easy as possible to transition to the job that helps you achieve your career goals.

    Ger said that most of the drivers he and his team talk to are still new to the industry and often use their first driving job as a way of gaining the experience necessary to move on to bigger or more challenging driving jobs.

    2. Switch to a schedule that fits your needs.

      As time passes, your home time needs may change. We get it and don’t think drivers should have to leave a company they like just because their work schedule no longer fits their needs.

      Maybe you started your career as an Over-the-Road driver and are now looking to become a local driver or perhaps you’re a new empty nester looking to spend more time out on the road.

      Whatever your needs, our Driver Transfer Team can help you find a job that better suits your lifestyle, without the hassle of changing companies.

      3. Find the driving job you love.

        Ger said that sometimes a driver’s dream job isn’t available in their area when they apply at Schneider but becomes available later on.

        “Most drivers are looking for that work/life balance and want the opportunity to be there for their family weekly or daily,” Ger said. “Depending on where the driver lives, sometimes those opportunities are available and, in some locations, drivers may have to wait for an opening.”

        In this instance, the Driver Transfer Team can help the driver by transitioning them to the position they were initially interested in, so long as the driver meets all qualifications.

        4. Experience a quick and more seamless job transition.

          “The most common misconception we hear would be that once the driver hires on, they have to stay on their current position for six months before transferring,” Ger said. “But drivers can actually start the transfer process once they are an active driver.”

          He went on to say that the transfer process usually takes about two to four weeks, making it a perfect option for drivers who need to switch positions because they are relocating or need a new schedule relatively quickly.

          Find a career that grows with you.

          Are you looking for a rewarding career at a company that cares? You've come to the right place. No matter your stage in life, Schneider has a position that can work for you.

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