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How Schneider helps drivers and associates with disabilities

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Schneider values all our talented drivers and associates, so we're constantly exploring new ways to grow our team members to ensure successful careers.

In situations where an associate is disabled, our team engages in an interactive process to evaluate potential accommodations that may help the associate perform the essential functions of their job.

However, there are some cases where an associate might not be able to continue in their current position due to a disability. If accommodation is not feasible, Schneider may leverage its size—and hundreds of job opportunities—to look for potential reassignment opportunities to a vacant position for which the associate is qualified.

For these cases, Schneider has an ADA team dedicated to making this process as seamless as possible.

What does Schneider’s ADA team do to help associates with disabilities?

Schneider’s ADA team includes two distinct groups – a leave team and a recruiting team – which handle separate stages of the reassignment process.

The leave team is responsible for looking at accommodations to help the associate perform the job he or she was hired for. In situations where that is not feasible, the leave team then looks into whether a reassignment to a vacant position might be appropriate.

If reassignment is appropriate, the recruiting team assists the associate with vetting through job openings and applying for appropriate roles.

Leave team: Deciding whether reassignment is the right option

An associate or driver might work with the ADA team if they are no longer able to continue in their current role and are open to transitioning to a different role within driving, office, shop or warehouse.

If reassignment is an appropriate step, a leave management representative meets with the individual to discuss the assisted job search process, and what the roles and responsibilities of each party will be during the process.

Schneider’s leave team generally considers reassignment when:

  • Reasonable accommodation in the associate's current position is unfeasible.
  • Unpaid leave is not possible; and
  • Both Schneider and the associate agree that reassignment is preferable to the associate remaining in his/her current position with accommodation.

Recruiting team: Finding an appropriate role for reassignment

Once it is determined that reassignment may be appropriate, the associate is paired with a corporate recruiter, who will be their main point of contact throughout the job search.

The recruiter assists with:

  • Determining the associate’s skills and qualifications.
  • Searching open positions for roles that match the associate’s skills, qualifications and restrictions.
  • Gathering information from the associate about his/her preferences.

During the job search, individuals have access to the same database of job openings used by Schneider’s own recruitment team. The recruiter also searches through openings and notifies the candidate of potentially appropriate roles the recruiter comes across.

During this assisted job search period, the recruiter will continue to meet with the associate bi-weekly to check in and answer any questions.

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