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The passing of a legend

Schneider driver legend Bob Wyatt is shown in his first company truck in the 1970's and after becoming Schneider's longest-tenured driver 45 years later.

It is with heavy hearts that we share news of the passing of a Schneider legend – company driver Bob Wyatt died early Sunday, June 23 after a brief illness.

About Bob


Bob was the longest tenured driver in Schneider history, having just celebrated his 45th anniversary in September. Bob’s epic tenure was made more remarkable by the fact that he never had a preventable accident while driving more than five million miles.

In fact, he is the most decorated driver in Schneider history when it comes to safety

awards; his 5 Million Miles Safe and 45 Consecutive Safe Years Driving plaque on the Haul of Fame is easy to spot in shining gold.

For those lucky enough to know Bob, they can confirm that he had uncompromising integrity, he was tough as nails and his work ethic was unsurpassed.

Like a modern cowboy, he was a mix of seeming opposites: strong yet kind, hardworking yet fun loving, solitary yet social. He loved to tease and be teased; he loved to both hear and tell a good story – and he had as many of them as he had miles driven. He was filled with faith in God and love for his family.

Bob Wyatt with his Schneider company truck

His time at Schneider

Bob truly loved working at Schneider and his fellow associates; as he explained in an interview.

“I found a home when I found Schneider,” Bob said. “I work with some good people here who have drivers’ interests at heart. Their motto of ‘Safety First and Always’ has resonated with me each and every day since I started.”

Bob’s lengthy career was marked by other notable achievements as well – in 2016 he received the prestigious International Driver Excellence Award from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance for his exceptional career and commitment to public safety.

Due to his tenure and safety record, Bob was also asked to represent all drivers by ringing the bell on the New York Stock Exchange when Schneider went public in 2017.

Bob Wyatt ringing the New York Stock Exchange opening bell for Schneider.

When we interviewed Bob on his anniversary, he reflected on his career.

“When I first started driving, I was nervous and didn’t want to mess up,” Bob said. “Each year that went by, though, I banked the things I learned and I kept going – and I kept learning. After this many years on the road, I just know what I have to do, and I do it! God blessed me with a natural talent and love for driving, and for that I am thankful.”

Bob is survived by his amazing wife Linda and their three children and two grandchildren.

Bob at a Schneider facility wearing a t-shirt that reads "Bob: the man, the myth, the legend."

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