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Schneider Tanker drivers help America's farmers

A Schneider Tanker driver moving agrochemical product from plants to farms.

Thirty Schneider drivers are helping one farm supplier improve delivery time and communication while hauling agrochemical product from plants to farms.

A farm supplier turned to Schneider for help after experiencing headaches with its previous carriers – farmers were often not receiving the supplier’s agrochemical products, such as fertilizer, on time or in the right amount.

Additionally, bulk chemical tankers bringing this agrochemical product from plant to farm require special meters that do not come standard on most transportation equipment. What’s more, farmers only need the supplier’s agrochemical during priority growing seasons and need dry van truckload options during off-season.

Very few carriers can provide this specialized equipment or are willing to provide a flexible solution that switches between dry van truckload and metered tanker trailers to help these farmers maintain their businesses.

Schneider was ready and excited to provide solutions to these problems for the farm supplier and famers.

Schneider drivers provide unmatched customer delivery experience

Schneider’s chemical transportation team analyzed both the farmers’ expectations and locations. Armed with insight, Schneider uncovered and implemented smarter, smoother ways to get the supplier’s products to the farmers’ fields by turning to its expert drivers.

Since Schneider took over this Dedicated account, it has invested in new equipment, and Schneider drivers have delivered the expertise to grow the account.

A win-win-win for Schneider drivers, farmers and the shipper

Schneider drivers’ performance on the account has exceeded the customer’s expectations. Because of farmer satisfaction, this Dedicated Bulk Tanker account has already grown.

Schneider driver satisfaction is also very high. Because it is a Dedicated account, drivers haul loads for one customer and enjoy a small-company feel and large-company benefits.

They also get to know the farmers on their routes and enjoy the relationships they form, along with predictable schedules and home time that comes with driving on a Dedicated account.

Farmers who need agrochemical products to maintain their crops are now doing less fretting and more harvesting, thanks to their supplier’s decision to trust Schneider’s drivers.

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